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mp3 fm sd Customers Reviews

  • Excellent device, excellent price.

    posted by jgyprime

    Very small device for it's capabilitiesIt can play without problems mp3 audio files from usb devices and sd cards (did not test mmc card because i don't have one). Input/output ports are labeled correctly (left, right, ground)Power port is labeled (power and ground).Working voltages: it started working on approximately 5 Volts, tested it up to 30 V (I let it play for 1 hour on 30 V supply) and no problems (no heating, no audio issues), thanks to 7805 power regulator.Even if it came without wires to connect it, I soldered the wires directly to the PCB (removed the plugs).Bluetooth playback is excellent, it played audio from a phone located ~5 meters away, without problemsRadio tuner works great but only if you solder a wire to the ant pin (any wire can act as an antenna)Line in is also without problemsRemote controller works great.
    It would have been nice if it rememberes the last used input device. For the moment it starts from usb / sd.I powered it off from radio / bluetooth and on the next power on it started from usb / sd.Also, it would have been nice if the device remembered the last state before power loss. Mine poweres on by itself when receiving power, even if it was off the last time it started.
    Very good device to use in car / home.A set of home speakers can be adapted to work with this device.Also you can connect this device to the aux-in port of the built-in audio system of your car if you don't want to change it or if the audio system controls other functions of the car (like the board computer)
  • Great product

    posted by Bigchel

    Very good price, excelent design, sound it´s very good. If you have an old boombox, old HI FI system , etc, with this device you can modernize and bring it to life. It come with the LM7805 regulator, so you can use some power supply between 18 and 7 Volts and works without problems.
    Easy to use,I installed it on an old HIFI system, and now I can listen to my entire collection of mp3. Incredible product. Buy it.
  • Great car tool!

    posted by alezyoliveira

    - easy to use - the "Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter" built well - no instalation required (connect to the car and it is ready for use) - it has a low price - bluetooth works well with my smartphone (Galaxy Nexus powered by Android) - nice audio for a fm transmitter - it works well with my USB drive
    The control needs to point directly to the device for the signal to be received, which creates a great discomfort depends on where it is located in the vehicle. The call volume is a bit low, but it is still a good function. Even so, it remains a great product!
    The device works perfectly! It was easy to connect to the car (it requires no additional effort is simply connect and use - "plug and play"). When connected via Bluetooth, the smartphone is a call simply press a button on the FM Transmitter to receive the connection listening on the car radio and talking in a natural tone while driving (safely, of course!). I'm using in my car, but could also be an excellent gift for a friend or relative (not to mention that the price is also very attractive). I recommend!
  • Great idea for a headphone!!!

    posted by alphabravotango

    Light weight, comfortable to wearnice designmp3 + radio + headphones all in one: A GREAT IDEA!!!SD card slotComes with a mini SD adapterComes with charged battery (great for immediate use!)Very good sound qualityReasonable good external noise isolation (this is not a noise cancelling device, though - the box does not state that)FoldableBox states it is compatible with mp3, WMA and WVA formats (I only tried mp3 so far, and it sounds great)
    Good to use while jogging, working in front of the computer, commuting or just doing something else (e.g. cooking).
    This is a great product. Do not miss it!
  • Good, but quality could be better

    posted by peterpepo

    + Great price+ Remote Control - however doesn't work+ Aux IN / Line IN - provided cable is weak+ USB reader - seems to read mp3s ok+ SD card reader - seems to read and play mp3s ok+ Reception is ok+ Bright easy ro read LCD
    Quality, quality, quality could be better.But you cannot wish more and expect very much for such cheap product.
    Good device, good idea, worse quality.Ideal for cars without AUX input. Much better sound quality than Casette-LineIN converter.

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