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You can buy cheap mp3 fm recorder from us. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

mp3 fm recorder Customers Reviews

  • XP9141 Rechargeable 1.1" LED MP3 Player

    posted by almcne

    I expected to have a Long Battery life
    My first try was not very successful - I got defective product. (Display and buttons works in "opposite" way.) Second try was much more successful and "second" product works like expected
    Good product for this price
  • Excellent player for hike

    posted by alvpmur

    Long time working from AAA battery. Solid case. Player remember last position in track even when battery is removed. Low price.
    I can't say anything about sound quality becouse I've bought this player for listen to audiobooks, and player do it satisfactorily even with supplied earphones.
    Excellent player for use in long hikes or other trips when you far from power network.
  • A Pretty Useful Stereo Recorder with ultra sensitive microphones.

    posted by joseluizbh

    This is the most sensitive micro recorder that I've ever had. In fact, it is a stereo recorder because it has two microphones or one at each side. You can set it to record in SHQ - Super High Quality or less. The recorded sound is very clear. Inside a room with 120 square meters it was able to register the voice of each person despite of distance from me. I also was able to record birds singing clearly. The recording files are not big. Eg. 8 hours of recording in SHQ creates a 1.4 GB file. The battery is enough to keep it working for days. It is a useful equipment to take for school, work or for outdoor activities. Right now I am applying it do record conversations at work. My coworkers usually lie a lot. So I use to record some special meetings.
    It is a great recorder with very competive price.
    Buying it worth a lot!
  • Bad pen, good recorder

    posted by paul0909

    0. Good recording quality. I must define - good comparing to chinese voice recorders. Specific brand voice recorders have much better sensivity. But it's not fare to compare this "pen" to them.1. Pretty small if pen-part separated.2. Good price!
    Under winXP was ok and showed FA32 filesystem. Win7 said it has errors and corrected it after which it started showing FAT16. Strange.My one has 2Gb (true!) memory though there was "1 GB" memory label on it.You'll have to get used to it's indicator's states. But there's always such a problem with devices which don't have a screen, so it's not a con.
    For me it's rather useful to have such device in the car. Additional pen and additional voice recorder sometimes may be very useful.

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