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mp3 fm module

You can buy cheap mp3 fm module from us. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse the bluetooth mp3 fm, fm mp3 mp4, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. With your support, we can do better.
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mp3 fm module Customers Reviews

  • Really useful product

    posted by mdsampaio

    Almost everything is pro!The greatest function is to permit change folders. but only from the remote control, pressing and holding two seconds |<< or >>| button to go up and down the folders on usb flash drive or SD card.
    I think the new units comes with cables. I received it on last order.
    Highly recommended acquisition.
  • Nice addition to my cradle radio

    posted by MDekker

    The same module is € 25,- in the Netherlands. So the price is a big Pro. I've already ordered an other one It's a nice and small addition to your DIY project.
    I think the unit should be delivered with connectors for the sockets, it would make a basic "diy-ers" life easier. I really don't know were i can order the connectors so i have to solder them ( and that could go wrong :P )
    It's a really nice module, that upgrades a simple diy cradle radio to a multi functional mp3 player with radio function.In the future i plan to build more cradle radios and i will order this item again for that.
  • Very nice module

    posted by fontaine

    Works with a 3.3V power supply . Two power amps similar to TS4990 deliver 500mW per channel in BTL on 8 ohms load .
    Sensitive radio but with tendency to intermodulation . Don't use a long antenna if you have powerfull transmitters in close vicinity .
    No problem to read USB keys and SD cards
    6 equalization modes for amateurs !!!.
    Quality control of the manufacturing to enhance (no IR receiver !!!)
    Overall a very good module , small , easy to use .
  • Surpassed my expectations.

    posted by marksuarez

    Easy to install. Low current draw. Built-in audio amplifier. Good audio providing you use a decent pair of speakers. (I'm using an off-the-shelf pair of bookshelf speakers and it sounds great).
    I'm thinking of buying two more for my kids.
    I'm glad I bought this.
  • Good for simple music embedding

    posted by serfidx

    Simple to connect to any other appliance if you know principles.
    Has AUX-in that should be soldered to the PCB.
    Radio works well.
    Reads SD and USB flash memory cards.
    Remote co????? is simple.
    May be there's no need in equalizer, but it is pretty bonus.
    Worked well with my 3V batteies.
    If you need a simple device that can play your favorite music - buy it.

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