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  • Pretty good MP3, worth the price.

    posted by gabrielzonatto

    Good audio, small, really cheap, came with phones and usb. Really worth the price! Nice design and the clip really fits, and enjoying a lot.
    Really useful, good audio, small, portable. I think totally worth it, It's good to travel, walk and even run. I'm thinking in buy another one.
    If you're thinking in adquire the product, buy it!
  • Interesting little device

    posted by zerocoolx

    Looks like a USB drive.Solid plastic around the loop for hooking onto your keys.Can be used as a microSD adapter by it's nature.Doubles as a sound card when plugged in (although the left and right channels are flipped)! I'm not kidding! I think maybe this device is meant to be something more than just a clandestine MP3 player. I cracked it open but the microcontroller seems custom (of course there's no info after checking out the laser-etched part number).
    Acetone got rid of the annoying looking logo, but it also got rid of some of the rubber feel coating on the plastic. :-(Also, because it's not explained, I'll tell you how the buttons work:Play/Pause: - Press and Hold: Switches between FM radio and MP3 player. - Nomal Press: Play/Pause.Negative button: - Press and Hold: Volume down. - Nomal Press: Previous track/station.Positive button: - Press and Hold: Volume up. - Nomal Press: Next track/station.Finally, the manufacture date on the PCB said: "2012-12-24" so it's from the future! ;-)
    An interesting little gadget. It would be a cool little thing to just have on your keys if it was slightly better built.I would easily pay 5-10 bucks more if it had a metal USB connector, the sound quality was better, the sound card function was advertised (and the channels flipped to normal), and it came in black or something.
  • Great wooden set

    posted by alexxni

    Very nicely package, for start. The package includes many different sizes of rubber earpieces. The cable is not rubber, very easy to untangle even if it gets tangled. The earpiece itself is real wood, I guess this contributes to the awesome sound quality. These are really loud, but pleasant at the same time. I am very satisfied.
    Considering the price, these are my favorite earphones ever! The cable is covered in fabric, wood makes it sound good, the bass is nice..
    I thought you could not buy any quality for this money, but I was wrong. these are the best I have ever used.. I am not an audiofile, but my impression is WOW
  • Case works good, headphones are bad

    posted by Maanloper

    The case seems pretty watertight, tested it with my cellphone for 24 hours. Submerged it in the sink and not a single droplet of water came in, so that is nice. And it seems the headphones still work after being submerged for that time, but my left side never worked from when I unpacked so could not properly test that.
    If you don't like these style of headphones, order seperate waterproof earphones.
    Buy it, you won't regret it. But watch out your phones fits in it as otherwise it won't shut properly (my big phone does not fit whereas my small sports-phone does fit perfectly in it!)
  • Neat little case

    posted by mhiron

    This is a neat and well-made little case. The zipper is sturdy, and both the outer material and inner lining is strong. It has an interesting feature I don't see on other zippered cases, which is that it is made with a neat internal hem that sticks out a little below the zip on the insides, helping to prevent things being caught in the zipper as you close it.
    It is a good size, but that depends on what you're using it for of course! I am using it as a small accessory bag for my tablet. as it holds the bluetooth mouse and a few extra cables easily. It would be fine for many other uses, such as a compact pencil case, with still enough room for chunkier items, glue stick etc (though not long enough for a 30cm ruler of course.)
    A good-looking and functional zippered case of many uses.


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