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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase mp3 car 12v here and you can save money at the same time. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Browse the products from car music mp3, or some other related Pages like mini car mp3. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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mp3 car 12v Customers Reviews

  • Exelent value, for money

    posted by jazmanaut

    Very lightweight, and smallsized.Does not heat.Desent audio quality. Good hi, and bassfrequency response Mid-feqs are ´bit "plastigy" but hey, at this price it´s all good!
    There is large selection of cheap, small digital amplifiers. This is on of them :D
    For this price, its more than proper buy, if your after easy, ok sounding and small amplifier.
  • my review

    posted by dxshopper02

    its light weight, easy to use, and compact, it hase plenty of volume. for my project mounting is perfect. it WORKS with my ipod! awsome. the remote works, everything works as it should. the casing is thin but has its advantages like cooling, this product could use a fuse, could be used on a boat, or just as a simple desk radio, im not sure what type of speaker should be used, 4/8ohm i think im using 16ohm
    would be interesting if DX made a pair of speakers for this product, what would thay use
    great for the price, im satisfied
  • Small and powerful!

    posted by [email protected]

    Small and powerful! This small device is able to replace a micro system. Their sound is loud and clear, has memory card reader and USB Pen Drive on. His case is a aluminum heatsink, do not worry even connected for long.
    Could have cds player, would be perfect and complete. plugged the unit into two speakers from my old micro system, have more space and the same sound!
    Tired of your computer system? find more convenient than the thumb drive keep changing cds? Want to listen to music from your memory card into a sound? Buy this product!!
  • After endless search's this is the best solution so far.

    posted by DasToks

    Works perfectly!plug-in to the charger in a smooth move.has 3 working connections, i like the usb the most since i have my music usb on my KeychainRemote control is working perfectly!
    Searched for a few good months for a good one like this..Finally found one!Suggesting all to buy it ... it is defenetly a worth buying product im telling you!
    BUY BUY BUY this is the best solution if you dont have AUX access in your car.RECCOMENDED.
  • Great lite player that has it all

    posted by FrederikLarsson

    Small and easy to hide/ mount. I used my first set to hide in an classic car and be able to play mp3 with my vintage blaupunkt frankfurt.Simple to use, yet has all you need from a music player. You can probably skip a big, ugly looking conventinal car stereo, only use this and a amp and you have an ultra small car audio system!
    Tip: The correct connection cables would have cost me almost as the player, so I went to a lokal thrift shop and asked to have a look around in the old computer scrap pile and went home with a bag of cables for under 1$
    Small yet userfriendly and simple player. Great for the price!

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