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  • Easy to set up and easy to use mouse

    posted by ndru71

    Yes, the mouse is ergonomic in that you do not need to twist your hand as you would for a normal mouse. Using this mouse, your hand rests at a more 'normal' resting position. The tracking is fine without any noticeable lag.
    Even at resting position, the bottom part of the palm seems pressured and may lead to tunnel carpal syndrome in the long run but use with wrist cushion pad seems to do the trick
    east to setup, just plug and play.
  • Cool

    posted by silvrdata

    It has a small USB radio which is nice when connected to the laptop. It also has a slot in the mouse where you can put the usb Radio when you are not using it so you dont lose the little usb. Which is very nice.
    It is a little lightweight, which makes it good for travel. The light underneith is Blue unlike most mice which are red. I really liked that. Also the precision is preety good and quite sensitive, which makes it good for gameing or photo editing.
    The blue light is very chill and relaxing. Its quite useful and easy to carry. Quite a cool little gadget to have with your laptop
  • Good product but could be better

    posted by xcampmany

    The product is a good option to be used with typical android smart tv boxes. The design is nice and the quality of the device is pretty good. The integrated battery has a good performance.
    It is a good option for the price payed. The service received by dx.com is good and the product was delivered in about four weeks time.
    I would probably chose again this option.
  • Nice Mouse

    posted by Psychopauser

    Comfortable to use and looks like good quality for the price.DPI can be changed with the top button.Long and reinforced cable.Comes in a package.Nice color, not as shining as the pictures.
    DPI speeds are too separate from each other and is hard to find and intermediate speed.
    I'm very happy with this mouse. Whenever I'll need another mouse for a desktop computer I'll buy it again.
  • Reall, really good. Well worth the money.

    posted by halsoy

    There's virtually nothing but pros for this pad. It's large, feels nice, gribs really, really well and it is made of cloth that is really nice not only to touch, but it's good for mouse tracking as well. Even the one mouse I have with a laser sensor (Logitech G500) has a near perfect tracking on it. And that's considering cloth pads have a hard time with laser mice. It's actually much nice to the touch than my SteelSeries cloth matte, and it's less friction as well, so my mouse (Logitech G700) slides better on it. To me, this gives me the perfect mix, it slides almost as easy as a plastic mouse pad, but it feels much nicer to rest your hands on. The size is pretty much perfect for me, apart from two points, which I will cover in the cons section.
    I'd say this is well worth the money. It's less than half, and some places a third or less than the price of pads from larger brands at this size, like the razr goliath (I think the name is). And, I have a hard time accepting the other, larger brands provide anything better than this. Only extended use will tell if the cloth in this wears out.
    Can recommend for anyone just wanting a larger matte they can put under the keyboard and mouse, or someone just wanting something bigger. I use mine to sit under the keyboard as well, making everything line up the way I want it, and makign sure nothing moves about, at all.

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