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  • excelente

    posted by jimmyhenry

    very good attachment to place the LNB's needed to capture satellites and found that deal work for any type of LNB'sy for any satellite you want to receive
    everything else is announced as this very good price for the materials and service for which it was designed this perfect
    highly recommended for all those we love be looking for signs in the sky and you will not be struggling to find the satellites to detect signals seriously highly recommended
  • Best mount on DX for 30mm scopes!

    posted by Elmojo

    I bought one of these mounts for a Ruger 10/22 build that will be used by a local pest control officer to eliminate problem animals in an urban setting.Having owned MANY scopes and various mounts over the years, I have to say that this is most likely the most solid I've ever used.Here are the highlights:- The lock knobs are large enough to snug up with with bare hands. Additionally, each one has a hole drilled in the side that you accept the hex wrench that you use to tighten the ring cap screws. This gives you a handle of sorts to finish tightening up the knobs.- The mount itself is made of a single piece of aluminum and is VERY solid.- Each ring cap has 3 lockdown screws on each side, allowing for an extremely solid grip without requiring excessive pressure that could damage your scope tube.- The short pieces of rail on each ring allow you to mount additional accessories such as tac lights, lasers, IR illuminators, etc... However, they are fairly short (only about 1" long) so they may not work for larger accessories.- The base of the mount has a hole that runs through the middle lengthwise. This is to retain the use of your iron sights, and to (slightly) reduce the weight of the mount. I don't have iron sights on my rifle, so I can't comment on how useful this feature is. I do know that with my scope (50mm objective) the sight hole is blocked by the scope bell.
    - This mount is designed to fit 30mm scope tubes. You might be able to add spacers to the inside of the rings to allow for 25mm scopes, but that wouldn't be nearly as stable.- The clear space between the inner edge of the 2 rings is 3.0" (75mm).- The outside-to-outside dimension of the rings is 5.0" (125mm).- The dimension from the middle of the scope tube (when installed) to the bottom face of the rail mount is 1 5/16" (35mm). This is how high your scope will sit above the rail on your gun, also known as the rise height. Keep this number in mind when you buy a scope to ensure that the objective bell will clear the remainder of the gun.
    All in all, this mount is an excellent product.If you need to know that your scope will not move, buy this.
  • Great value!

    posted by roxasaf2

    Easy to install on the window shield - firm material, not easily broken - easy to adjust to your favorite position - your phone will be kept firmly in this car mount holder.Unlike other cheap phone holders that get shaky in hot weather, this one stands still
    It's a pity that a dashboard mounting feature is not available
    Great choice with a little price. Order one!
  • Useful product

    posted by manview

    Places the flash above the lens/camera in portrait orentiation.(usefulness: no ugly shadows to the side)Increases distance between flash and lens/sensor.(usefulness: reduces chance of redeye)
    Good quality, soft handle.The flash never moves, you can re-orient the camera with the same flick of the wrist that does the job when handheld.This model is a best for me from all on this site.
    Useful product for professionals
  • Just like the original.

    posted by thiagojammerz

    Nice product. Exactly like the original (maybe a different colour), fits well and has a good suction on windshield.Good material.Excellent replacement if you lost or broke the other mount holder.
    Excellent option if your original holder is lost. Good suction, perfect fit, good material.Works exactly the original, just fix it on windshield, fitting GPS and go.
    cheap, good replacement, oem specs, perfect fit, good quality, good suction

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