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  • Good product for the price

    posted by bpoursuibes

    - Does the job for my SSD- It looks solid
    It is the first time I buy this type of product and am happy with it.
    Good price for a simple product that makes the job. I would recommend it.As said before, the screws must be hammered first so there fit into the holes. This can be a problem for some people, it is ok for me.
  • Great sling mount!

    posted by applegonebad

    - Strong steel build- Doesnt discolor from sling wear on the hooking hole- Overall great product, strongest buffer tube sling mount I have seen!
    This product helps alot if your realsteel/airsoft rifle needs a tactical place to sling up on your body. This mounting point allows for the rifle to sit in a comfortable position right infront of you using a single point sling.
    Buy it if you are in need of a sling mount that works with a single point sling.
  • Great

    posted by Romenovaskez

    It does everything it needs to do for a great price! Feels solid. Used it on a sports event. Mounted a GoPro on my DSLR and got great shots. You can even use it with other tripod mounted gear. As long as it has the right threads and is not too heavy for the hot shoe. Overall a great product.
    Looking foreward to use it in the future! Its a verry easy way to mount a secondary camera ob top of your dlsr hot shoe. Or other tripod mounted stuff for that mather.
    For this price. You cant go wrong with that.
  • good lens

    posted by aminshz

    seems have metal body and solid, affordable price, cheap. beautiful lens and have good sharp image.have an infinity distant focus to as closed as 10 cm(two micro ring need to attached,include in package's) good for closed up like insect or food photography. the effect is awesome in black and white filter with the blur and sharp of image is so contrast.
    good lens as collection and worth to buy,hope dx will offer more option of this kind of lens.
    recommend to buy.
  • Solid product

    posted by malizair

    I have an old c-mount Fujinon TV zoom lens. With this adapter can re-use it with PM1 Olympus camera.
    The problem is that lenses with C-mount are not standardized, in fact, part of the lens that sits on the adapter is a few millimeters away. This leads to the fact that some lenses do not touch the adapter. This is the case with my lens. I have to make aluminum ring that will connect the body and lens adapter to be able to focus to infinity. This is not a failure of the adapter manufacturer. It is lens problem.
    Be careful with adapters when using the C mount lenses. You will probably have to remanufacture adapters or lenses.

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