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motor module Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by FrajolaGz

    very well protected and well done,comes in a box, material to protect the pins, and a cover anti static,in terms of aesthetics, surprised me because it seems incredibly well maintained
    most parts of RepRap for affordable prices, prices in Brazil are absurd,also bought the drivers of power, I hope so too are good as
    I recommend to all who are interested in setting up their own 3d printer
  • Price is fair, but came without heatsinks.

    posted by skaravelhu

    They came already soldered, wich i think is very good for this kind of thing, since a wrong soldered pin can damage the whole thing and the whole controller board.Came with a nice plastic box, wich I think again that is very good, since it protected the pins from bending.
    Still not testes it with my printer, becouse it is not ready yet, but tested the pins for short-circuit and everithing looks OK.
    Maybe I had bad luck with the heatsinks. I buy from DX often and this is the first time I had a missing item. The product looks great, the same as on other places. If they work as expected I'll buy another kit for sure, and hope that this time it arrive with heatsinks.
  • Nice little motors

    posted by neo1erk4

    Works as intended. Can even be used to generate power if you rotate it.
    Same type of motor I've seen in dollar store personal fans. Lots of little projects I can think of to use these for. Can be good motors for fans, or a little remote control car.
    If you need some motors for some small cheap projects grab these.
  • Great controller for two motors

    posted by ACOrtega

    The price is unbeatable and it is a tiny board, ideal for small appliances like a robot that have no more than two motors. The construction is good, worked fine at the first test.
    I found an excellent site with examples and some documentation:http://www.bajdi.com/l9110-h-bridge-module/On the Internet you can find other references as well. Please pay attention that the board in the picture is slightly different, having different pin names and order. Nevertheless it is easy to make the correspondence with the two boards and the functionality is the same
    Great price, simple and easy to use.
  • Drives motors OK

    posted by pc00007

    The board isn't too big and is simple to use. The on/off button is useful and there is no problem driving motors.The construction looks ok with no obvious visual defects
    There are no schematics supplied with the board. I'm not sure what the LED problem might be without schematics as I can't see without dismantling the board.
    The board is cheap, looks ok, and mostly it works ok.

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