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motor driver Customers Reviews

  • Excellent quality breakout board

    posted by MattTheGeek

    Genuine TI ULN2003A Darlington transistor array IC. Socket to connect to a uni-polar stepper.All eight of the inputs and outputs to and from the transistor array are broken out.A on-board jumper (which is labeled "<->") to disconnect power to the stepper socket.
    Flux was not cleaned off the board, but i can clean it off my self. The module seems to be soldered with a mix of leaded and lead free solder. PCB edges have been sanded to a smooth edge, No rough edges. The PCB thickness is standard (1.6mm)The module was packaged well, with static dissipative foam protecting the headers, and a static shield bag to wrap it all up.Others may like the LED, but i find them unnecessary.
    While the IC is relatively cheap and requires no external components to work, the breakout provides a socket for connecting it to a uni-polar stepper. For this price, Just buy it. While this is designed to drive uni-polar steppers, it can be used for many other applications.
  • Good quality, good presentation and right price

    posted by fedesh03

    This device is perfect for developing a RepRap 3d Printer. It brings all the needed stuff to make it work: Stepper drivers, end-stop switches for all axis, additional servo connectors for miscellaneous uses, I2C, connections for heaters, etc. It also includes heatsink and thermal conductive pads. Everything in a single Arduino compatible shield.
    Since I bought it to make a CNC router, not a 3D printer, it has some features that I don't need, like the heaters connections and respective mosfets.
    The whole product quality is very good, I haven't tested it all, since I need only a portion of it. But I'm very satisfied with the kit.
  • l298 good h bridge

    posted by eduaugal

    es un buen producto tomando en cunta la relacion costo calidad, es relativamente facil de usar, permite al usuario conectar el dispositivo L298 directamente a un motor de corriente directa y controlarlo mediante un pulso TTL, practicamente realiza toda la etapa de amplificacion y potencia en una sola tarjeta, sin mencionar que tambien incluye los diodos de proteccion para sobrecorriente y corto circuito
    tiene una buena disipacion de calor y tiene un buen tamaño para ser incluido en un proyecto de robotica.
    es un producto recomendable y de buena calidad
  • Nice controller - basic but just what you need!

    posted by StNz

    Very easy to hang off an Arduino and to knock up a Sketch to do bit shifting. Runs well down to a delay of around 3(ms?) between pulses where it will just hum.
    I have a pile of stepper motors that I've pulled from printers etc and this is a simple way to get them running.
    I don't think I'll build a bionic arm with these boards, but they are a solid way to prototype and provide simple stepper control. It's a ULN2003 driver array with LED indicators and headers - easy to use at a great price.
  • It's a good chip for stepper motors

    posted by Toin1

    This chip has all that's needed to make a flexible driver for stepper motors. It can be used for a wide range of current used on many stepper motors.Input signals needed are step, direction and enable. This is what many CNC programs use to drive the motors.
    A cheap replacement chip if you blew one on a stepper driver board. Most of the cheap boards use this chip
    I'm waiting for DX to put more CNC stuff in the program. A single motor driver board with this chip at a good price would be a nice item.


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