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motor driver board Customers Reviews

  • good product

    posted by fabio1964

    This is a very nice little L298 carrier board. It has (very bright) red status LEDs for the 4 inputs, as well as jumper-enable-able pull-up resistors on the inputs.
    No manual. Can't see the reason for pull-up resistors on the inputs(see other thoughts). For security reasons I would put pullDOWN resistors, if any. Plastic parts of the screw terminals are somewhat loose on my board (I bought only one), but that does not caused any problem. Got the same problem with supplies over 20V as FakeName describes
    At this price it can't get any better! if you are looking for a great h-bridge to control couple motors this is a sure bet
  • Excellent driver

    posted by nrile

    Works fine, a lot of possibilities like microstepping in 1/2. 1/4, 1/8 stepping mode, enable, sleep... It is very easy to use, on the internet you can find a lot of tutorials how to use it with breakout board or arduino.
    More about this driver you can find on http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/index.html
    Good driver for small hoby projects, worth of buying.
  • Great for learning and hobby projects

    posted by gijsnoorlander

    - powerful- small- very easy to operate- operates quiet (not much noise)- There is a lot of information and examples available online- Quite precise, with about 2048 steps per revolution.- The gear-ratio will prevent the motor from running away when not powered. This may keep the power-consumption even lower.
    The limit in speed is quite normal for stepper motors and is caused by the fact that the coils in the motor need time to gain max. current to pull at the magnet. At higher speed, this time is less, but also the current through the coil is less.You can power this stepper with 12V, but then you must make sure to disable all ports immediately after each step and not too long running continuously. Otherwise the motor will get too hot. Then you can reach up to 30 - 35 rpm. Another trick is to use a big resistor in series with the motor (make sure it isn't a coil itself and can handle a lot of heat) and then run it at 12V. Then the motor has a lot more power and can operate at speeds up to 35 rpm.It is best to run at a constant current of up-to 170 mA, instead of a constant voltage, but that's not very easy with this driver-print and needs some modifications.Switching off the signal on each line after a step is a good idea even when running at 5V.
    Great and quite strong stepper-motor for fun-projects.I will certainly buy a few more for projects.
  • Works as expected, and at a very affordable price

    posted by netiness

    It was cheap, less than the price for a L298 chip alone in my country.I had no problem hooking it up to a stepper motor, and the onboard 5V supply regulator comes in handy for supplying other parts of my project.Each output as a green led associated with it so you can verify the stepping sequence,It also have a switch that can be used to shut off the controller board.
    I'm using this board connected to a parallell port. Hook a common ground to the GND part of the power terminal, then signal the IN pins in correct order to step the motor.
    Useful, cheap, and of acceptable build quality. I will be buying more of these because it was so easy to use.
  • Cheap, low-current motor driver

    posted by DaSpider

    Motor driver on the cheap, really small board, perfect for small robots. Easy to connect with Arduino and protoboard-friendly.
    I needed to drive two motors for a robotic prototype, used a L298N (147046) at first, which is way bigger and clumsy to fir in. This driver more than smaller it fitted along with the Adruino nano just perfecly.
    If you need a cheap, small H-Bridge driver for motors under 400mA, this is definitively the way to go.


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