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motion wheel light Customers Reviews

  • Nice

    posted by paulichile

    Very easy to Install
    Works very well. It's really useful for night biking
    Good price
    Very sensitive (maybe too much)
    It doesn't seem to turn on in daylight, but when someone walks next to the wheels they usually start blinking.
    Overall a good buy. I use it on the bike I ride to work every day.
    Nice safety device.
  • I'm pleased.

    posted by lex19l

    This gadget is really very good. I just loved it. Price is incredible small, in differing they sell in our city.This accessory I put myself on the bike and now I have many envy.Many people come and ask where I bought these.
    I hope they last a long time. And I'll enjoy it every time I see so far.
    If you currently purchase such, I did not regret it. I'm pleased. And if you still have thought it worth to purchase this thing - your business. But this site has a lot of similar things.
  • great value

    posted by mpr001

    very easy to install. nice bright lights that make it easy to see cyclist at night. easy to install batteries. ad says 2 but looks like only one - yes they send 2! i would not ride at night without themJ - i just leave them permanently installed on my bike. they are a lot cheaper than similar products in stores that i have seen.
    most cycling accidents at night are from the side. most cyclists have headlight and taillight but don't think about being seen from the side - this is a perfect solution to this problem - if you ever ride at night you NEED a set of these
    excellent value - you should install them on every bike you own. get some for your friends too. manufacturers should include them with purchase of new bike simply for safety
  • Not really great for a bike

    posted by ti3n_t

    Really sweet item, great for kids, I gave it to my cousin who was absolutely stoked. Cool lights and looks pretty neat.
    It really is pretty much suited to cars, because with a bike, the wheels don't rotate fast enough to produce a complete circle, it's just a light moving around with the wheel.
    Get it for your car I reckon it would look wicked, but for a bike great for kids but don't expect a compelte circle.
  • Coollights

    posted by skazen

    - Cool gadget
    - Good way to have some different devices on your bike
    - Batteries included
    - Includes a rubber ring to make this as water proof
    - Easy to install in your bike
    It is a good "toy" I was in the park at night and everyone was staring at us, because there was a lot of bikes but no one with this gadget. It is cheap, you can buy a lot in case of issues, easy to install and looks like water proof.

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