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motion activated bike light

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motion activated bike light Customers Reviews

  • Looks good

    posted by fryingwoks

    I've put one of each of these on two bikes, and they look fantastic. The colour pattern goes from quickly flashing through various colours, to fading through colours, to holding colours for a few seconds. Then it turns off, unless it's shaken again. Much more interesting than some (much more expensive) ones I bought locally.
    Don't know how weather-resistant they are?
    You can make your bicycles garner plenty of favourable (and envious?) glances.
  • Nice

    posted by paulichile

    Very easy to Install
    Works very well. It's really useful for night biking
    Good price
    Very sensitive (maybe too much)
    It doesn't seem to turn on in daylight, but when someone walks next to the wheels they usually start blinking.
    Overall a good buy. I use it on the bike I ride to work every day.
    Nice safety device.
  • option to identify themselves on the road

    posted by Puzyrek

    well and shines in the darkness.if enough light around the device include but are not lit and does not consume batteriescontinues to glow at low speed and a few seconds after a full stop
    generally a bad thing, I ordered one for a test, will order another one. price is not very high for both the technological devices
  • Good but useless

    posted by Rumlin

    Compact, bright leds, easy install.Automatically on when dark and the wheel runs.Words over of the wheel is impressive pedestrian.Waterproof.
    Need for more relevant words and phrases. For example: Speed, Bike, Go, Dont stop, etc.Ideal if it were possible to change the text using a PC. With the help of the programmer or external EEPROM.
    Spectacular effects, but useless words. With other words, it would be good item.
  • LED Wheel Lights for Bikes and Cars

    posted by vedii

    Very glad that i bought this, great product. Almost year of using (3-7 months constant riding) i don't need to change batteries and it looks almost like new. It turns off as soon as motion stops. I like purple so this colour is good to me.
    One last thing if you want to make 100% full circle you have to ride very fast ~20-30km/h, maybe less.
    Great accessory while riding bike at late/night time. Everyone keeps attention at your wheels, something unnusual in the streets. Almost same effect as neons under the car.

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