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module red black Customers Reviews

  • cheap, cheaply made but very usefull

    posted by oinkwaste

    You cant beat the price 46cents per laser.they work as expected come prefocused and can be driven by a li-ion battery.they are very versatile and you can attach them as guides , pointers you name it
    the diode is attached to two small pieces of pcb each of them serving as a pole.on the negative side there is a 50Ohm resistor. Driven only from a Li-Ion cell the laser works quite ok.this easy trick eliminates the need for a constant current driver that will drive the cost up
    They are very cheap and cheaply made but they work as intended so Icant really complain about the quality . in the price you usually get 1 red diode, you get 10.by using a 50ohm resistor the laser can be driven directly from a li-ion cell which make it easy to mount into many solutions
  • good

    posted by Zanga2

    - It has good stabilization of the output voltage. When i have supplied it with 12V the output stayed constantly at 4.99 - 5.03 volts regardless of the output current which was between 0.5A to a maximum of 2 Amps
    - A small switch would be a good addition to it when using in the car, or at least connecting it to a switched plus is a good idea to prevent it from running idle and flattening the battery.
    Very good DC power supply, with stable voltage. The price could be better though.
  • Good quality *SPI* screen

    posted by killabyte

    Excellent TFT screen, with good resolution and very good contrast.Require only 8 pins for working.The UTFT library is full compatible and you can concentrate on your project without messing with the screen internals or silly things like graphic fonts.
    It is designed for working with 3.3v!!!!! Don't plug it directly to an Arduino board without reducing the input voltage!!! (using resistors is ok)
    Good screen, easy to use, great graphics library and only using 5 digital pins :D
  • a good product.

    posted by JakoMeister

    it is the cheapest Mini 8 x 8 Red LED Display i have found. Other products similar like this costs at least 10 dollars. It is easy to use with your DIY projects with arduino or raspberry pi (or another). It works fine. A good product with a great price.
    So you need a lot of wires to plug all the pins, i suggest you, to use a controller like the mcp23017 or something similar like this (with a only mcp23017 you can use both Mini 8 x 8 Red LED Display at the same time).
  • Recomended

    posted by pacobuyo

    Easy to mount into panels..works prefectly.Operate: 2.45 - 30.5 VLights look great.So easy to place. Red line to the positive out and black line to the negative out.No screws, only pushing.Its bigger than I imagined. Very good for my panel.
    Used in power supply. Great for projects!!2.50 to 2.40 you can see the leds but without bright.
    Good Product, recomended to anybody who are looking some of this kind of products. Others are smaller and same price.


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