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  • Price is fair, but came without heatsinks.

    posted by skaravelhu

    They came already soldered, wich i think is very good for this kind of thing, since a wrong soldered pin can damage the whole thing and the whole controller board.Came with a nice plastic box, wich I think again that is very good, since it protected the pins from bending.
    Still not testes it with my printer, becouse it is not ready yet, but tested the pins for short-circuit and everithing looks OK.
    Maybe I had bad luck with the heatsinks. I buy from DX often and this is the first time I had a missing item. The product looks great, the same as on other places. If they work as expected I'll buy another kit for sure, and hope that this time it arrive with heatsinks.
  • Cheap, chainable, must solder CMS, bad packaging

    posted by daggett1

    Is very cheap for a 2-color 64x16 LED panel.Good visibility.It is chainable : I had another panle working, so I just plugged this one to the output of the first one : now I have a 128x16 panel.
    Every component must be soldered (CMS).I had a "dead" red pixel which activated itself after been lit for some time (I let all red leds lit for a few minutes).
    It's a good item, cheap, I spent 2h to solder the whole thing, then it worked flawlessly.But for a fex dollars mors, you can have it soldered with a driver board : DIYTJ03.
  • Great collection of Arduino sensor modules

    posted by rbids

    A large number of simple sensor modules to be used with Arduino boards, that can add some functionality to the projects you do.
    It was a nightmare for me to identify the parts and their use, that is not clear in most of the cases. For my luck is that I have some experience with electronics. Adding a small labels in the box could help (name of the sensor), and provide a small list of requirements per sensor will help the non experienced user.
    Add some simple documentation, like sensor module description and also the pin use (5V, Signal, Ground, etc)The kit can be very useful if you have some experience in identifying the parts.
  • Works great

    posted by Woodbin

    Great colorsEasy to useGood refresh rateCompactRGB matrix can be disconnected and used separately
    Uses all arduino IO pins (actually it doesn't, there are few unused pins still available, one can rewire the shield or use an sensor shield to get them)
    This thing is great. Using the Colorduino library, anybody can quickly make this beast shine with colors and pictures. It's fast to work with, easy to setup and once you get into Colorduino library, it's very easy to make some really nice things (the example Plasma code is great).
  • Great!

    posted by globoacher

    Good quality build, works as expected and easy to use. Plenty of documentation on the Internet (Arduino's website has links to libraries and examples, look in http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1210243556).Getting a working sketch on my Arduino was quicker than I thought. Remote control works with NEC IR protocol.
    Perfect choice for the price.


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