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  • excellent device

    posted by tolyan21

    I am very pleased with this device. Ideal for Imax B6 connection with the computer. And as for the communication with the computer AVR microcontroller. Runs on Windows 7 and Windows XP (have not tried others). The converter works great with the device is powered from 3.3V.
    Based on the chip CP2102 driver can be found in a search name chip. Very useful for those who are engaged in the development of devices based on microcontrollers. Several times I have confused the RX and TX unit intact and continues to work.
    I am very pleased with this device.
  • Gets the job done!

    posted by Roarkk

    - It's really cheap compared to other similar products.- Works as intended (tested with several devices)- It's really small and easy to fit in cases
    Tested it with several microcontrolers (arduino, raspberri pi, HC12, i.mx233). Works great as a console in/out to any device.
    It's a great product for what it costs. It works as intended. The build quality might not be the best, but if you are careful you should have no problem. I'll be buying one more just to have it as a spare one though since they are so cheap.
  • Excellent part for DIY projects

    posted by blackkite

    I'm using this level conversion module with JY-MCU Blutooth module. I highly recommend use these two modules together. This level shifter will keep your blutooth in safe . In addition you can use this module with other modules if it's request is 3.3 V.It is cheap.
    I'm newbee in Arduino. If your DIY part need 3.3 Volt, you burn it if you give it 5 V by mistaken.
    Buy it. You will exactly need this module.
  • Handy Boost/Up Converter

    posted by Ketturi

    Does good job for rising 1-5V battery voltage to regulated 5V. Output voltage stable 5.18V with low ripple and noise. Small and fits easily in smaller project cases.
    Apparently does not mind if external 5V is fed to output. Low idle current, <200µA, so good for low energy projects.
    Good boost/up converter for DIY products that use batteries or solar cells etc. Can be used e.g. for arduino projects or mobile chargers, ultra small RC vehicles, wirelesses etc.
  • Good value

    posted by bussemann

    Step up AND step down. Efficient, no heat loss. Indicator light when working.Screw terminals in and out, good markings +/-Accompanying spacer nuts and bolts makes installing in metal encasement a breeze. Good build quality.
    I have used this to make an emergency USB charger. With this I can connect ANY battery or combination of batteries and get a stable 5V output
    Great for variable input power sources, charge your phone from your bike dynamo, maybe? (rectify first)I have bought several, and they work as advertised

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