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  • OK, but not for solar panel

    posted by Alexketto

    Excuse me, for my english.Good construction. No other parts needed. Fully adjustable output voltage within the specified value.
    If you would solve the use of solar panels, it would be a very nice gadget.
    Good, goog, but the Solar Power Supply?
  • Perfect for my NAS

    posted by thunder45

    It works perfectly. It has a led indicating that it is working and the flat cable with solid 4-way on one side and 4x1-way at the other makes it very easy make the connection right.
    It has worked at 115200 with no problems. Remember that you will most likely not use either the 3.3v or the 5.0v, just TX RX and GND.
    Should be perfect for ARM based devices such as RaspberryPI and NAS (Mine is a Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition).
  • Great small little gadget that works

    posted by SimonW

    Great way to get cheap SDHC to work on devices uses MicroSDHC for little cheaper.
    Recognized by my PSP with Pro Duo adapter
    BlackSpeed on PSP with class 6 Patriot SDHC.
    (Blocksize 1024.0k)
    write : 6.9538 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 1024.0k)
    read : 7.3241 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 32.0k)
    write : 6.8715 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 32.0k)
    read : 2.1270 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 2.0k)
    write : 0.4105 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 2.0k)
    read : 0.8948 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 0.5k)
    write : 0.1006 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 0.5k)
    PI: 243
    Confirmed works with my 16GB class 6 Patriot SDHC on my E71, my PSP with MicroSD to MS Pro adapter.
  • Nice stepdown DC converter

    posted by lasermanathome

    A small PC wich has the advantage to set fixed voltages wich become handy in Ohm-resistant situation if you want to get a good controll over the current.The dipswitch works good if you know how to handle it.
    This last point can be solved by giving a firm overvoltage (within the range of the converter)Because the energyconversion is high efficient, these units are much better than the 78XX (or 79XX)wich converts overvoltage only in thermal enery (they become hot )These kind of converters do normaly not use extra cooling (convection is enough) unless the differece beween input and output volage is big and/or the current, drawn from the converter reacht to the maximum, it is no good idea to rely on the thermal/current protection, other parts or instability can be damaged, capacators (elco's) have a much shorter shelflife when they heat up, their value changes above the limits and they can ruin anythingin line of it....
    Not the cheapest and not the smallest DX converter but certainly one of the most reliable....
  • Not cheap, but does the job well.

    posted by rigorka

    This is certainly the most simple way to connect your RS232 equipment (for example, the UPS management port) to your Arduino.
    The best way to test it with Arduino is by using the SoftwareSerial library. This allows you to use Arduin's primary RX/TX pins to send/receive the debug output to your computer via USB, while SoftwareSerial is used to get the RS-232 data from this device.
    Straightforward solution for those needing RS232 interface but feeling to lazy to put together their own level converter.


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