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  • Amazing punch almost for free!

    posted by MagnusLysoe

    What a brilliant little amp!:-Plays music at a high volume, even amplifies an iPod to a pretty high volume.-No distortion that I heard, even at very high volume.-The thing is SMALL! The area of it is just bigger than a normal cigarette lighter.-Develops little or no heat, even if played at high volume for quite some time.-Very convenient board layout.-Gain can be set from lowest to highest by moving one jumper.-On/off pins can easily be connected to a 3-pin switch.-Screw holes in the corners of the pcb, very nice for mounting!
    Get a really small flat screwdriver for this! It is easy to screw the terminals with one, but you'll be swearing without it! May be smart to have some airspace around it if it is mounted in a closed case etc., because it produces a small amount of heat. (You can always touch the chips themselves, so we are not talking of much heat here!)
    Go right ahead and buy it! It is superior to anything I have ever seen for this price! Perfect for DIY, and as a daily amp, really!
  • A great tool in the toolbox

    posted by mysjkin

    Good readability, fairly easy to connect, easy to program
    Monochrome and low resolution compared to contemporary displays - but that's waht you get for the money (and the power consumption)
    Definately a display to use for permanent setups
  • Nice to make beginner projects. Advanced too.

    posted by tedao00

    It a really nice little board, which might be used in arduino projects and is very easy to use since the codes are available on the internet. Cheap for the quality.Might also be used for advanced projects.
    Nice, cheap, perfect. For the price couldn't imagine such a nice product.
    Just buy, it's cheap and might be useful. If it's not, one day it might be.
  • Fun, easy

    posted by bramdebie

    - Good build qualityThere are already pin's soldered to the LCD, so it is very easy to connect the screen to a prototype board.The LCD has 4 LED's that backlight it, so even when it's dark you can use the screen. Also in normal daylight the screen is good readable.There are already libraries on the internet, so programming the LCD is very easy. Just download and start coding.Datasheets for the controller can also be found on the internet. Many examples, code and video's explain the working of the LCD.
    - Works on 3.3V, so be careful when connecting to your Arduino. I did it, and it seems to work fine... but don't know what it does with the lifespan of the screen.
    It's a very cheap and good LCD. Easy to connect and program! Libraries and enough examples can be found on the internet.
  • poor documentation, but works ok, and at least comes with a cable

    posted by xtofury

    Works in analog mode.Returns either 0 or 1 in digital mode.
    I would like to see wavelength specific sensors, specifically red, orange, yellow, green and blue, so as to get some rudimentary means of measuring light spectrum.I will probably order a handful of these and install color filters that do not degrade in sunlight.
    worth the $4

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