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  • Not sure it's the best on the market

    posted by maaboo

    * Solid case, i think it's waterproof
    * Multi-mode (5 modes): Hi-Mid-Lo-SOS-Strobe
    * Has optional (sold separately) tactical switch
    * Only one 18650
    I use it as bike headlight (mount sold separately) not as flashlight. My requirements was: one 18650 for power, maximum lumens, solid metal case and probably it's met them all may be except lumens.
    I don't think that i did the best choice, but it's a good choice.
  • A lot of power

    posted by mpetersson

    A lot of light for the money, very strong. Great build quality, all metal and feels very sturdy. Good battery life, I have been using AA:s and they last long even on full power.
    A powerful torch with a few different modes.
    A great flashlight for the price. I have used it a lot since I received it, both indoors and outdoors. The reach is great and the battery lasts quite a long time even in cold weather. I would recommend this flashlight.
  • Nice tiny light

    posted by netbars

    - Great design and nice shape.- Very bright for one-AA flashlight- Even more bright when using 14500 Li cells- Tailstands
    You should definitely consider buying 14500 Lithium cells for this (or any other one-AA) flashlight. It is MUCH brighter with them.Runtime on 14500 cells is about 50 minutes in High mode.
    One of the best choices on DX for those looking for AA-size light.
  • Holy mother of god

    posted by frollard

    EXTREMELY BRIGHTRugged design, feels strong, anodization seems 'tough',5-mode has neat features...the medium and low settings are essential to using in a dark room without blinding yourself.did I mention A SMALL SUN LIVES INSIDE THIS FLASHLIGHT. AMAZINGLY BRIGHT.
    Wow. I can't comment on the numbers, current draw, etc, but I can tell you this is not a 'little' brighter than my other flashlights...it is a LOT brighter than my other flashlights. You must see it to believe it!
    I have never seen anything this bright in a handheld. When my projector (video) bulb dies I intend to buy another one of these to replace the bulb - its THAT bright.
  • Very Bright small torch - excellent

    posted by Baegis

    Very Bright, small and light and easily carried in a pocket. Good spread of light which makes it excellent for night walking in the bush.Good build quality. It only gets mildly warm when you have had it on for a while, although probably 15 minutes would be the maximum time I have run it continuously so far.
    This torch met all of my expectations. I was looking for a smaller easily carried torch which still gave a very bright light. It does not zoom in and out but for my needs that is no necessary.
    Definitely recommend this item.

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