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mmc sd card Customers Reviews

  • Essential

    posted by perape

    Is an essential gadget if you are thinking on a stick mini pc, TV player or google tv. This holder permit you to put your googe tv in a place of easy access, ideal for wireless mouse, you can put the usb mouse receptor in front and you have 2 usb free in the back.Also you have a button to switch off the TV player,
    No expensive and offer you more usefulness, more usb holes, switch off, and the mini pc is not climbing
    Think of it for better experience with your TV player
  • Compact All-in-One

    posted by alex12011

    Bought this product as I in it is more expensive problems with it at this point did not arise kakih.Vse not working as it should read the entire card from the camera and mobile phone, regular and mini cards. Computer recognizes all recorded on these cards without problem.Samo device made ??safe and not something extra.
    For me, this device has become necessary because it is convenient to operate, easy to transmit information from different cards from different devices, I am personally excited about this purchase.
    I am pleased with this subject and now I can easily transfer data from different cards to your kompyuter.Ustroystvo works well I'm satisfied.
  • Really satisfied

    posted by ivanef

    It Works!It very usable and easy too use.The flexible chord helps when USB ports on your PC are not free and too close too each other.It fast (mostly 10mb/s) and supports class10 microSDHC cards.
    My friend has same reader, but without crystal oscillator (something like SKU 144943) on it.My reader with oscillator works much more stable then other reader without it.
  • I like it.

    posted by Astrogoth

    All slots and features tested as good.
    Sturdy construction.
    Palm sized.
    Cable just right length and thick not thin.
    I put a USB wireless adapter in USB 2 and a memory stick in USB 3. The stick's driver wasn't stable and kept being loaded and unloaded. I suspect a voltage drop is the cause. Alone they each worked fine. Since there is a bright LED inside the case I may try to get more voltage by removing that LED.
    Works well.
  • The Fall of the House of Transfer

    posted by DrMantisTobogon

    It was the best of times, it was crappy times. I had just learned how to mod my old Wii, but I needed to write to an SD card; I had just broken my card reader. A resounding cry of nnnoooooo!!! resounded through my neighborhood. Doves flew from power lines, cats yowled in alleys and dogs... the dogs just wanted to go for a walk. I did the only thing a man can do; ordered online and sat on duff waiting. My prayers were answered! I am finally able to read and write, just like the big kids! Weeee!
    Those poor dogs. All they wanted was walkies. :(
    Great quality build, super low price, multi-function, supports up to 64G, like my reviews if you ever want your television back! The Doctor has spoken!

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