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You can easily find the latest low priced mint quit smoking offered at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Customers can also browse quit smoking battery or quit smoking refill to find their desired products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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mint quit smoking Customers Reviews

  • Great Cigarette, no money!

    posted by SimonHende

    + Very cheap+ Good value for the money+ Works as intended+ No nicotine+ No real smokeEverything you see in the pictures you get, the pakage is very neat and nice to carry with you.
    Cannot really complain that much for this price, its a given buy! Almost for free! It worked out of the box for me, tasted good, and its was a really nice gadget! Recommended!
    Its cheap, its good, its a deal!
  • Good product

    posted by Tamayo09

    Good price, works well. Seems to be nicotine-free. It matches with the other cartrige refills. It has no chemical taste. The desing looks pretty nice.
    I think it's a good product specially with this price. It looks like in the pictures. You can smoke everywhere you want with this thing. It's a bit longer than a "normal" cigarrete, so it won't fit in a cigarrete case from a cigar store.
    It looks so cool! :D
  • What a Life changer!

    posted by justbeachin

    Robust design, still going strong 6 weeks on of major vaping, like a baby with a pacifier!easy to use, have dropped the atty more than once with no problems.looks like a ciggerette, causing looks of all kinduseful case that is nicely built (I pulled out he pre-fit area, so now I can store more batteries and carts)
    I bought this e-cig out of curiosty, hoping to cut down my cig intake to save money. I was surprised that I dropped to 6 cigs, day one, after nearly 40yrs of 1 pack or more a day! It took less than a month before I could not stand the the taste of a regular cig, and do not smoke any more, I never planned to quite, but now I vape with pleasure!You shall need 3 e-cigs in reality, 1 you are using, one fully charged, and one charging, so you don't find yourself in a situation without. get yourself a USB car and a USB wall charger, cheap here on DX. Then you will never be caught without!
    When she dies, This little mini e-cig, I shall immortalise in a frame, to pay hommage to the little e-cig that showed me the way! Although this one is great, Sku 49210 draws better!
  • If you smoke, this is a must have

    posted by teretere2000

    Incredible price, good flavor, produced more vapor than several sofisticted cigarettes I have. I bought it just for the battery, because I have another cigarettes with different systems, but now I´m using this!Very good packed.Each cartridge last several days, depending if you are a heavy smoker or not.
    It cames with mint flavor ( I didn´t order that), but It feels like common tobacco
    I quit regular smoke 1 year ago. I use this at social meetings ( everybody smoke) , or after dinner. Electronic cigarettes changed my life ( and people life´s around me!)
  • One of my best buys!

    posted by guitng

    Great packaging very similar to a common stack.You can disguise in a pack of conventional cigarettes.Recharge at any power outlet, has led that notifies you when charging is complete.Really a great product cost and benefit.
    You are helping me a lot to kick the habit of smoking.It is a great product, perfect!
    I recommend to all who are in doubt whether or not to adapt to e-cig.

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