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  • Works out of the box with raspberry pi

    posted by webpeater

    * Cheap compared to other wireless adapters in local stores or other online webshops* Really small: about 1cm sticks out of your usb port* Worked out off the box: Plugged it in my Raspberry Pi and it worked, didn't need the drivers on the included cd* Comes with drivers and user manual (aldo I haven't used them at all)
    The cheap, small, easy to use Wifi adaptor provided my Raspberry PI with a wireless internet connection perfectly
    I am going to order this dongle again to use with another of my pi's, so I definitely recommend it !
  • Very good

    posted by Pjotor

    "DX Original Ultra-Mini USB 2.0 802.11n/b/g 150Mbps Wi-Fi / WLAN Wireless Network Adapter" is a very good little wifi-dongle. It is cheap. It doesnt take much space off of your usb port. It has a good sensitivity and range. I use in my living room's media-pc; youtube and other internet streaming videos work fine, even though there are two walls and several metres between the router and dongle.
    Very good cheap and small dongle. Get it if you need one.
  • Beatiful add-on to your laptop

    posted by jumpsti

    Installed without asking any drivers (windows 8.1). Small thing. If it would be smaller, then it would be hard to remove from USB port. Nice blue led inside indicating network activity. Coolness factor high.
    Nice to have two WiFi adapter behavior on windows. I can connect to two different wifi networks at the same time now (one internal wifi and one external wifi)
    Would highly recommend to anyone needing a wifi adapter for laptop or pc.
  • Very good WiFi coverage for a good price

    posted by Jochemp

    - This adapter is so small, that you should think the signal is bad, but it's not at all! Very good signal coverage, and it's so small you won't even notice it being there.- Very handy for laptops without a WiFi adapter or a defective one. Installation is very easy with the CD, and even automatically installs on Windows 7!
    Just a very good adapter for people who need WiFi signals wherever they go and don't want to use large adapters.
    Very good quality for a good price.
  • cheap, fast, small

    posted by AndroKifKev

    The Stick is really small. i bouth it, because i need a wlan stick for my new raspberry pi and so it is perfect( small stick fr a small computer^^). it works out of the box with ubuntu 12.04 and raspian.for respain you have to edit the '/etc/network/interface' file and add this:auto wlan0iface wlan0 inet dhcpwpa-ssid <Your Access Point Name aka SSID>wpa-psk <Your WPA Password>if you need a want a huge singal Strength you als can change the antenna to a other
    it also came with a driver cd for i think windowsi think this version is better than the version without the external antenna
    i will buy one again if i need one


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