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mini wireless microphone Customers Reviews

  • Great for home

    posted by polomatus

    If this is just for your home is just great, for the price nothing else may be demanded. It has good quality for small applications, also the recording quality may be set very small to save space. The size is quite portable and you do not need spend to much time on
    Good enough for the price, bad if you want something more PRO
    Good product, small, intuitive and simple
  • Not for security, but good value anyway

    posted by pjwerneck

    - Good build, cameras are solid and discrete.
    - Very small cameras.
    - Power supplies for everything.
    The camera plug has a builtin 5V regulator inside the plastic molding, so for the hackers out there, don't try to change the supply to something else by cutting the plug and connecting the wires. It won't work. I guess the transmitter circuit uses 5V. It needs a little more work than that.
    I had a kit with a single camera a while ago and I have it burnt when I tried to embed and supply it with power from the main device. The transmitter still works but I get a black image.
    I would get these for some hobby application or something else where you need only one camera at a time or you'd like to have some spares. Also they`re nice if you're into R/C or hobby robotics and want a cheap camera.
    I wouldn't have these for surveillance. They don't have builtin IR and aren't good at that even with external IR, and the receiver works for only one camera at a time.
  • Very good product!!!

    posted by boten

    I'v very pleased with this product. i already use it in 4 lectures in my University and it's works fine. the mateiral is storng and it is doing the work.
    The device came with nice box.
    i'm happy with the product. it's not the best (because of the clips microphone and the small place for the 9v battery) but for the price it is doing a greate job and for my needs (teaching) is wounderful device.
    if you need Wireless FM Transmitter this is a good product. It worth the price!
  • Awesome product

    posted by RichieKH

    - Cheap as it can be
    - Works untill 15meters without interuptions.
    - You can fine tune the frequency for better sound quality.
    - Ideal to create an wireless electric guitar. (Use the guitar instead of a microphone)
    - Quality of the microphone was way better than expected.
    - It came in with battery's, lasting for a few hours already.
    Great product, specially for the price. It's useable for variable causes and I don't need to much wires while playing guitar.
    It's a good deal. Totally worth the money for what ever the cause will be. I actually think that it would be great for podcasting or recording video's, using this as an external microphone.
  • Good quality, works well!

    posted by darkcrow101

    - IR remote learns easily- IR remote still works when keyboard/mouse is switched off (so you don't waste battery)- Gyration mouse is accurate and works well with Windows 8, sensitivity can be adjusted- Comfortable in hand and almost too light weight- No additional drivers needed in Windows 7/8- Audio speaker and microphone work well, It shows up as a selectable audio device in Windows
    This is a good all around solution for HTPC users.... I myself use it for my satellite, htpc and tv. Works well with all 3 after teaching it the IR codes, so now I can just use one remote.Works well with Windows 8 since the MCE remote does not control new W8 apps like Netflix
    Highly recommended. Great quality as expected from the RII line of mini keyboards


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