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    posted by ODemon

    It's very compact, small, useful, automatic, multi-functional, light weight, precise.It has a buzzer, cap-meter...It has a very suit and handy case with magnet clip.
    I didn't like it from the beginning and even wanted to write a negative review. But after some practice I realized it's one of my best buys!For a year or more I had it in my case always with me and it helped me dozens of times!!
    Strongly recommend to buy if you need a compact handy reliable multimeter. I love it!
  • very small drop down PC for electronic instruments.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very small , current is enough to cover most applications.With two 18650 batteries I can replace a 6 V 4 AH 6 V lead gell battery and don't have to border about selve discharge as long as this driver is placed AFTER the on/off switch, when not in use it draws a small current and discharge the batteries as well otherwise.Becaus of its very small size you can hide it in alomost any instrument wich is battery operated and after application the voltage is not critical, the output stays the same, the overvoltage of the batteries are transduced in extra working time (amps)and the voltage will be what is needed (can be adjusted but must be below the V in.The high efficiency makes that the PC will not become hot when the max current is respected and under 1A out it stays cool.
    The tiny unit is almost always sufficient to make battery operated instruments and toys suitable for 18650 batterypacks.
    In combination with batterypacks 2-4 18650 cells or more suitabe for almost any situation.As you can see my experience is that almost any battery used systen works better with the combination of 18650 batterypacks ans a driver like this one
  • No instructions...

    posted by holischitt

    It is a very small, cheap and light gadget. I´d be glad to use it in my products.
    I would love to know how to connect this nice little toy. Could anybody please post a link to an instruction here? Couldn´t find anything. Why 6 pins?
    I really need more information than just the technical data. The price is really good, I think and the quality seems good. But as it is only for professionals in this state, I will not be able to use it until somebody helps me out here.
  • Perfect module

    posted by tiec01

    Quality components and does not run too hot. Output is very stable. Its a small form factor module and for the price you pay you cannot really do it yourself.
    I use this module in my car to power 2 usb ports that i have build in the dash for charging phones. I was tired of the loose chargers and found this to be a perfect solution. We use the car quite often for offroading and the voltage ajustment screw was a bit to loose and would change because of the shocks. I put a drip of epoxy resin on the screw and that solved the problem.
    Its a good module of quality components. For this money you (hardly) can make it yourself!
  • Excellent

    posted by happycats

    Very bright display in red, even over sunlight is very visible, thermometer is fast to get real temperature, voltage is very accurate and precise, the price is excellent. The plug fits very well inside the 12v adapter.
    Do not rely on simple lcd displays, bright LEDs are very visible even at daylight. Not tested yet over very high conditions like we have on Brazilian summertime.


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