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mini vga Customers Reviews

  • Great Product!

    posted by kevintosh

    Price is good. It worked quickly, right out of the pack. (It comes in an antistatic package! Good!) Build Quality is OK. Looks a lot like the original.
    The connectors are 2 "halfs" that are glued together and you can see the joint, the original connectors are in only 1 part, but this is a really minor detail. The cable actually says "Designed by Apple in California" (although the gray of the cable and the letters look rubbish)
    Buy it if you need a cheap DVI-VGA a-lot-like-an-apple-product
  • Value for money

    posted by Yadado

    -Shipping took awhile but still within reasonable time. The wait was worth it.-Product comes in a neatly packed small box.-The media player looks sturdy and solid. It feels heavy but I do see it posing a problem if you decide to "stick" it to the back of your TV. I just place it in front of mine.-Upon powering it up,I though mine was spoilt as there was no picture at all coming out from the HDMI connection. No worries, just push the "HDMI" button on the remote and voila, this player comes to life. The interface was easy to use even without referring to the english manual and in no time, I was already watching movies through this player.-This player is definately value for money considering some of the functions it has - HDMI with 1080p playback, optical audio output.
    So far the player is within my expectation.I will not hesitant to recommend this to anyone looking for media player
    Get this if you are looking for a value for money,no fuss and good quality media player.
  • given a second chance, I wouldn't buy it again

    posted by treaz

    quite cheap for a projectorremote works nicelycan be placed on a tripod
    If you don't mind watching movies at 240p then this is the projector for you. If you already own a 1080p display, using this (even for movies) will be torture for your eyes.
    it is cheap, but I am really disappointed in what I got. I highly recommend you look at the more expensive choices
  • Helps making use of old monitors

    posted by ChamieRu

    Needs no external power, configuration or drivers, works just out of the box.Feels solid in hand and looks very decent built overall.
    I use it with an MK802 HDMI stick which I turned into a workplace for internet-only stuff and this adapter performs very well being on for 24/7.I have only VGA monitors in spare so this thing have really saved my day.Though, I've tested it only at 720p resolution.
    Works just like you expect it to.
  • Works perfectly fine.

    posted by Siyavash

    - Very cheap- Long cord- Easy to use- Arrived within a decent amount of time (2 to 3 weeks)
    It is a very good product for the price that it is being sold for.
    Bottomline, it is a very good product for the price. On the apple website it is a lot more expensive. It arrived within a decent amount of time (2 to 3 weeks) which is always a good thing.

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