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It's very convenient for you to find the mini vacuum you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

mini vacuum Customers Reviews

  • Could be very handy

    posted by ycramer

    Very thing rubber piece to get the stuff from between the keys, and very nice bristle too, its quite long and flexible so if you move it around behind your keys it should get a lot of dust out of there
    It has an on/off/booster button, wich doesn''t really work that wel... but the idea behind it is good
    If you want a nifty little thing to clean out your dirty keyboard, this is defineattly worth it.
  • Excelent product for small price

    posted by jppampin

    * Ease of use.* Consumes low battery.* Very useful.* Very attractive for kids.* It has a good size which can carries lots of things.
    I recommend it. It's very useful and cheap. I use it every day to clean the bread crumbs. It's a good thing to select for a present. I saw it in a local shop and it cost two or three times the price which is published.
  • Could be more powerful

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. USB connection is really a good idea.
    The USB is a good power connection because every computer has one, and even on the car you can use it if you have an adapter to the lighter jacket.I still can not say about the durability because have used only few minutes until now.
    A good buy at a low price.
  • Good little vacuum cleaner

    posted by Kolianika

    - Small size
    - Works from the USB port
    - Has a backlight
    - There is a turbo mode
    - Ideal for cleaning the keyboard and system unit
    - Easy to remove accumulated dust
    - There is an additional nozzle
    - Has the option to include only the lights
    Buy if you need a device for quick disposal of small quantities of dust from hard to reach places
  • Noisy, but works

    posted by Axel_Hawk

    It has a long wire, works pretty well (in turbo mode), is a bit cheap, it has a light, nice brush.
    A little more suction power in normal mode would be nice. At least, my notebook is clean again...
    Yellow color is good, you will never lost it...
    If you want to clean something big or something really dirt, get a normal vacuum cleaner...
    It's worth the money, it really works, but you will use it only in turbo mode.

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