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mini vacuum cleaner

Check out the great mini vacuum cleaner to see if there is any that suits you. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

mini vacuum cleaner Customers Reviews

  • Actually works to vacuum.

    posted by rexxpro

    Great for cleaning up dust and hair from keyboards. Convienent led light. Great brush tip. Turbo function makes this product excellent
    there are 2 plastic lugs that hold the top on. you press the button to open and one of the lugs presses down. Then you have to level the top off and against the other lug. this fixed lug looks like it will wear down real quick or break off. The trick is to not remove the top very often. Obviously one would want to remove the top to empty the dust, hair, crumbs etc before storing this item away or before cleaning another keyboard.
    Definately worth the money. actually works. could be more powerful on normal mode, but turbo makes up for that. Thanks DX
  • Cheap solution to clean PC

    posted by reloader

    1. Very nice looking PC accessory. It make people smiling :)
    2. USB powered. Don't need additional power adapter.
    3. Included brush help to remove old dust.
    4. Has Turbo function to add more power.
    5. Has nice looking blue LED.
    6. Lightweight
    I don't know how long it can work in turbo mode because small engine can burn. But I used it all the time in turbo mode because normal mode is just not have enough power.
    Well. buy one for your friends. It is a good gift. Not powerful but very well looking accessory.
  • Could be more powerful

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. USB connection is really a good idea.
    The USB is a good power connection because every computer has one, and even on the car you can use it if you have an adapter to the lighter jacket.I still can not say about the durability because have used only few minutes until now.
    A good buy at a low price.
  • Fits the puprpose

    posted by max07

    This mini vacuum cleaner really works. I use it for the dirt my parrots and little children make. It is good for quick cleaning, no need to prepare the normal vacuum cleaner. Easy to clean, just open it, remove all the dirt, wash it under water (not the part with motor of course)
    I am thinking about placing two 14500 batteries in parallel inside, instead of two AA's. Not in series as it would burn the motor in i moment.
    I've ordered two more, it is really handy device.
  • Useful and fancy gadget overall

    posted by zajozor

    cheap and does what it saysseems to suck dust that is not observableoverall great cleaning experience on notebooks
    great gift, fun to have .. enjoyable cleaning

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