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    posted by kbs1234

    Very surprised with this microscope! It is perfect for electronic hobbyists like me, I can zoom in on various SMD parts and see very clearly what the marking on the part is or what the part number is. Led light works good and is bright, money light (presumably UV) works just as well and inspecting money bills is real fun. You could never imagine the endless little details you can find on a traditional 50 euro bill.Magnification is so clear that you can view individual subpixels of your LCD screen if you want to.
    I'm going to buy even more powerful version if I could find one (100x + )
    Very good microscope especially for electrnonics hobbyists like me.
  • Nice product, the 10X magnifier is usless

    posted by eran2002

    Nice product. Good build quality. Very bright LED light (for the size and the power ...). Very usfull 3X magnifier galss.
    Comes with nice pouche for the unit. Good for stamp collector, money collector DIY etc. Not for professional use.
    Nice product. Good for hobbiest. Don't count on the 10X Magnifier. You can count on the light and 3X Magnifier. Surprozed with the build quality.
  • Very Special gadget

    posted by mgclares

    Adapts to what I expected. It has a very good definition. Is very easy to use. The storage bag is very comfortable and give it more quality level. Adapts very well to my iphone 4s.
    You could use it as a microscope or as a telescope. It is easy to bring it with you in your travels. Is terrific the pictures that can be done thanks to the increases they are very original and also videos with very high resolution
    I will buy one to iphone 5 I hope it works right as usual in DX.
  • Little Microscope

    posted by Roaze2000

    Why, it is not little, it is absolutely tiny.So tiny in fact that I didn't realize I got it in the mail (ie. big envelloppe with a bunch of other things from DX) It was hiding in the bottom. It does what it says...It turns out there is a lot of dirt on my keyboard, that I can't see with the naked eye.
    No other thoughts
    For a novelty item it is great fun at this price though. I would get this for the price.
  • zooma zoom zoom

    posted by LeatherfaceNL

    i bought this lil thingy actually just for fun together with one that zoomz 45x.. but turns out it is a very usefull tool. u can check out all sorts of stuff. i now use it at my work many times. i work with metal and some splinters are so freakin small u almost dont see it with the naked eye. but u can still feel them bugging u if u touch or rub against something.this helped a few times finding the mini splinters. i even started checking out the stupidest things just to see how the "structure" is. food plants..skin hair. WELL ITS NOT A LABRATORY MAGNIFIER!!! but still is pretty fun in use
    loads of thought.. but none i wanna share right now
    lets just cal it an funny educative lil toy

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