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mini usb wireless Customers Reviews

  • Good Product.

    posted by darksponja

    Well Built, beautiful, feels good on hand. The size is ideal. Not cheap but not expensive too. After a long period of knowing the keyboard shortcuts and dedicate buttons, you will navigate really fast.
    Package was little protective. It came with no damage at all, but still could have arrived just as a bunch of ***, since brazilian mail service is quite ###.
    I would buy it again if needed to.
  • Great and sexy product

    posted by pyro666xes

    Easy to use, looks great and is usefull for almost everything you can hook the usb too
    everything about it is great all of the above, this is a great little key board. now stop reading this AND BUY IT
  • Attention!

    posted by AskenFaller

    It’s very compact and has a nice quality feel to it. Starts up in no time and switching between different modes are fast. I never switch though; I use it as an access point only. It’s very important that it’s used with a proper power supply. My HTC phone charger or Nexus pad charger doesn’t do the trick and it becomes very unstable. I haven’t measured how much it needs, but it’s more than 500 mA. Giving it to little power results in lost Wi-Fi connection.
    The mini USB connection sits a little deep in the chassis, so if your cable is “fat” at the end around the plug you might have some trouble getting the plug all the way in. It doesn’t need to go all the way in, but if you leave it hanging alongside the wall under the socket outlet, for instance, the USB connector will slip out unless it’s plugged all the way in.
    Excellent device. I have recommended it to my colleagues and their all happy with it. Go ahead, buy one.
  • Works for Linux Fedora 17

    posted by romancos

    It works with 64- and 32-bit Fedora 17 linux distros. Tested with both 64-bit AMD PC and 32-bit AMD architecture. Both worked well. .
    I don't know about sensitivity, I'd used my 4G cell phone as a hotspot and connected to it flawlessly and without any problem at all. .
    Worth buy... .
  • Works, with slight niggles

    posted by FelixL

    In my job, I have to get up and walk around all the time, plus I have sensitive info on screen all the time. Before, I have to lock and unlock every time, which gets annoying. With this, I can just walk away and the computer locks. Walk back and it unlocks. Works fine on Win 7 x64. USB extension cable provided.
    If you want extra security, you can use it with the software "Rohos". This integrates into the Windows Login service, so it actually does a Lock Workstation every time you walk out of range. (This also means you have to press CTRL ALT DEL every time you want to unlock the computer though)
    Despite the drawbacks, this is still a good device if you have to lock and unlock your computer multiple times a day.

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