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This is our best mini usb video, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Browse mini micro usb or mini usb drive to find what you are looking for. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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mini usb video Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by SpectralUA

    + All stated specifications are met. + Camera easy to use, the interface is intuitive, not loaded with more than functional. + H.264 codec provides a good compression to save space on your memory card.
    Not equipped with a charger, which limits its application only in the car.
    Camera is quite good at the task. Its light weight allows it to hold on and not fall off. Easy mounting. The presence HDMI port enhances the viewing filmed material.
  • LCD Cmos camera mini

    posted by niktes

    The camera is quite small, fits well in the hand. The microphone is located on the upper side. Citlivost is sufficient for normal call volume. The power supply is built-in LiIon battery. It has two modes, video and photos. Selected via the switch. Edge is the headphone, playing both. At the same time it should be an output connector for video, but I do not know how involved, maybe I do not have the correct cable, or can not PAL system. The image is of adequate quality for the size and price of the camera.
    For normal use is sufficient.
    Good price, allows recorded video directly visible on the screen. I can quite recommend it camera..
  • home run out of park

    posted by leebarret

    I've been involved and the criminal justice system since 1978. 5 years ago while starting a new company a private investigation agency, I had the need for a pair of covert video recording sunglasses. Now they say you get what you pay for but in this case I payed $325. the glasses were awkward they were cheaply made, and how to be plugged in cue a DVR recording unit.Now I originally what these video sunglasses 4 hey new hobby I picked up in the last 2 years, radio controlled helicopters and competition trucks. but after seeing the quality han the craftsmanship along with the ease of use with this product I feel your company has hit a homerun with these
    every time I would venture out and use a new vendor, it is always a crapshoot. You get a catalog from the company to look at pictures, or you got a website to look at photos and in some cases video. However rarely do the products that you receive work as well as advertised not to mention the high cost of these items and the huge markup that is made on their end to make a profit far more been necessary.Dez video sunglasses would be my premier item shown on my website and in my brochures if we work out some type of affiliate arrangement.
    I sure do love these video sunglasses, from the semi hard shell carrying case, 2 the ease of use and the quality of the product. As mentioned above you guys have really hit a homerun with this product. I look forward to get your discussions about having a strategic partnership.

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