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mini usb vacuum

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mini usb vacuum Customers Reviews

  • Fun, cheap - you get what you pay for :)

    posted by Perkelehnet

    Very cheap, gets the job done fair enough
    The USB-cable could have been a little longer, but I guess it's OK enough for laptop users and those who got USB ports on their keyboards. With two heads, one with a brush and one to get between the buttons.
    A fun gift for the kids, to use on their laptops. Could be a novelty for the office as well, as long as your boss don't mind a little buzzing-noise now and then :)
  • Could be very handy

    posted by ycramer

    Very thing rubber piece to get the stuff from between the keys, and very nice bristle too, its quite long and flexible so if you move it around behind your keys it should get a lot of dust out of there
    It has an on/off/booster button, wich doesn''t really work that wel... but the idea behind it is good
    If you want a nifty little thing to clean out your dirty keyboard, this is defineattly worth it.
  • Pretty cool...

    posted by oddsquare

    -The heads are easily interchanged.
    -It has a white LED built into it, and it can be used as a flashlight without turning on the motor.
    -The "Turbo" mode increases the suction considerably.
    -The cord is certainly long enough, regardless of which side of your laptop the USB ports are on.
    -The current drawn from the USB port is not excessive, considering the amount of suction this can generate.
    -It would be nice if this came in a different color besides blue...
    -This is well worth buying, if not for the novelty factor, then at least because it works fairly well. Do not expect to clean up something that you spilled into your keyboard, but this works just fine for maintenance.
  • Could be more powerful

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. USB connection is really a good idea.
    The USB is a good power connection because every computer has one, and even on the car you can use it if you have an adapter to the lighter jacket.I still can not say about the durability because have used only few minutes until now.
    A good buy at a low price.
  • Cheap working vacuum cleaner

    posted by jurreta

    * Actually works. I use it to take dust out from my keyboard and the fans on my laptop cooling base. With the addition of the brush, it's easier to operate and quite useful.* Very long USB power cable, so you don't have to try hard to clean distant surfaces.* Comes with the posibility of using batteries instead of USB power, so you can still use it if you're low on USB power or USB ports
    Overall, I'm very happy with it, since it has helped me take the dust away. I have a laptop cooling base and the fans tend to keep all the dust around. With this vacuum cleaner it's easier to keep the dust away and make the fans less noisy.


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