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mini usb vacuum

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mini usb vacuum Customers Reviews

  • Could be more powerful

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. USB connection is really a good idea.
    The USB is a good power connection because every computer has one, and even on the car you can use it if you have an adapter to the lighter jacket.I still can not say about the durability because have used only few minutes until now.
    A good buy at a low price.
  • Could be very handy

    posted by ycramer

    Very thing rubber piece to get the stuff from between the keys, and very nice bristle too, its quite long and flexible so if you move it around behind your keys it should get a lot of dust out of there
    It has an on/off/booster button, wich doesn''t really work that wel... but the idea behind it is good
    If you want a nifty little thing to clean out your dirty keyboard, this is defineattly worth it.
  • Great little sucker.

    posted by Dragoen

    Great little vacuum. It appears that even thought no noticable sucktion at the tip, it still do work very well, and can feel the air beeing forced out the side, that has to come from the opening so it works better than I first thought. Works great both with AA batteries and through the USB port, had no problem with computer hanging like someone else here did.
    Great and quite inexpencive vacuum, especially good for keyboards, and workplace.
  • Actually works to vacuum.

    posted by rexxpro

    Great for cleaning up dust and hair from keyboards. Convienent led light. Great brush tip. Turbo function makes this product excellent
    there are 2 plastic lugs that hold the top on. you press the button to open and one of the lugs presses down. Then you have to level the top off and against the other lug. this fixed lug looks like it will wear down real quick or break off. The trick is to not remove the top very often. Obviously one would want to remove the top to empty the dust, hair, crumbs etc before storing this item away or before cleaning another keyboard.
    Definately worth the money. actually works. could be more powerful on normal mode, but turbo makes up for that. Thanks DX
  • Not bad!

    posted by the23pinkroses

    Gives the laptop a good cleaning. The brush gets in between the keys and does a great job cleaning the keys. Emptying the vacuum is simple and doesn't make a large mess. The light is handy for illuminating the keys. Power from the laptop is convenient and always available.
    Great for the price and works well.


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