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mini usb to usb female

You can find fashionable mini usb to usb female at a low price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. mini usb to female usb cable and male to usb female ipad mini are the hottest keywords that customer use. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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mini usb to usb female Customers Reviews

  • Excellent to convert MiniUSB charger to USB

    posted by Purpletiger

    Excellent to convert MiniUSB charger to USB. Used it to charge a iPod with a old Motorola cell phone charger which was MiniUSB. Holds the cable well, doesn't fall out easily. I also use it to turn a MiniUSB cable into a usb extension.
    Cheaper than buying a USB charger when you have a miniUSB charger already. Don't know how well it would stand up being plugged in and unplugged all the time, mine stays in all the time.
    Get it, you never know when you might need it.
  • Inexpensive and works

    posted by JerrySmith

    Work as expected. Price is good. Quality is very reasonable. I don't have to waste the existing cable, save the environment as well, since all new devices use the microUSB instead.
    Price can be even lower. If it is even cheaper, I will buy more for all my old cables. It is because some microUSB cable cost the same as this adapter.
    If the plastic part can be made a bit smaller will be even better because for some devices, the opening for the microUSB plug is quite small.
  • Great little adapter.

    posted by itaych

    Works well, with stable connection and high construction quality. The 90 degree angle is particularly useful in situations such as in a car mount, where the cable coming straight down from the phone would block the dashboard. Also, mini USB cables are very common so this saves the need to get a micro USB cable.
    A great little adapter that does the job.
  • Mini USB Cable

    posted by kvinta

    This adapter is good for the price, and it does what it supposed to do. It is well built and works very well. It’s usefull and compact. The wire gives extra convenience if you have a big flash drive, unlike other similar adapters.It’s very easy to use, you just need a compatible device. I use it with my tablet, and it has not failed me yet, and i think it never will. It’s like any other adapter.
    There is nothing to break in it, so i think it will work long enough.
    Decent quality for the price. I am fully satisfied with this purchase.
  • Small, practical and cheap.

    posted by Moeftie

    * Doubles the use of your usb cables.* Small size.* Only need one cable plus one adapter for two types of connectors so uses less space and less wires too* Eye for attaching to keyring with supplied chain.
    I bought two pair and will tie the adapters to four cables. This way i never need to search for the right cable to connect my devices.
    I will buy the same set if i need another one.

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