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mini usb to female

Purchase the latest mini usb to female with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We recommend female mini usb to female, usb to hdmi converter as hot products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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mini usb to female Customers Reviews

  • practical

    posted by maudapont

    it helped me very very much, because my radio did not came with the necessary changer to usb door, so it helped me a lot,and it realy helpfull, because it do not have wire, is small and realy practical.
    the product work well and is realy practical, with you need it will fit fine for you.
    realy good item and good price, realy helpfull and pratcal because there is no wire and is small becaming easy to keep and o use.
  • Small, practical and cheap.

    posted by Moeftie

    * Doubles the use of your usb cables.* Small size.* Only need one cable plus one adapter for two types of connectors so uses less space and less wires too* Eye for attaching to keyring with supplied chain.
    I bought two pair and will tie the adapters to four cables. This way i never need to search for the right cable to connect my devices.
    I will buy the same set if i need another one.
  • Great little adapter.

    posted by itaych

    Works well, with stable connection and high construction quality. The 90 degree angle is particularly useful in situations such as in a car mount, where the cable coming straight down from the phone would block the dashboard. Also, mini USB cables are very common so this saves the need to get a micro USB cable.
    A great little adapter that does the job.
  • the one and only one that works.

    posted by sh1ng0

    this converter works seamlessly. Built quality is pretty decent as well. If you are looking for usb male to male connection, this is it. I use this converter to convert from usb mini to usb to power my coolermaster notepal as I have lost the original cable.
    Not much use as most devices don't support usb male to male connection.
    Go get this converter if you are looking for normal usb male to male connection. It just works.
  • Needed this

    posted by clody

    Small and simple. Got it because I needed one and I needed to replace one other USB which broke because of the lousy plastic material. Using this in my car for the mini-usb slot for my usb to listen or watch videos in the car. Had to get it because the kids in the car are very restless and also my player is lousy when I use a DVD for play back of shows.
    Maybe should come in other colors.
    Get it if you just need a short wire and not a long one which may get caught on other things.

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