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Every single mini usb rechargeable speaker displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can find what you want at mini to micro usb, mini usb card reader. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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mini usb rechargeable speaker Customers Reviews

  • Perfect!!!!

    posted by sogecable

    Great quality product! I really like for portable uses. Sounds great. i was thinking about buying another one more expensive, but this one was perfect what i wanted for. Battery has a longer life what i though.
    Some more colors, i like black better, but it's on white and some more color.
    i recomend buy thi product if you are interested in something really portable.
  • Cheap, good, but not as good as divoom

    posted by llucaxx

    - Very small and light.- Very good price.- Very loud and clear for the price.- Keyring for easy transportation.- Color lights
    - It sounds louder and with better bass when you close it, but it sounds a little as if you were in the bathroom =P. When you open it, it sounds better, but not so loud and not so good bass.- Chinese instructions seems to say they are 2W, not 3W as the English instructions says.- 2:20 hours of battery run time (with maximum volume). Not great, but more than I expected.
    I bought it looking for a cheaper alternative for a Divoom iTour Pop, and even when this item is nice and useful, the Divoom is way better than this (it has a built-in audio cable, mini USB connector, louder and better sound and much better build quality).But if you're looking for a small and cheap portable speaker, you definitely have to try this one.
  • Very Good Product

    posted by xandoca

    Impressive piece of the sound box. Only small in size. Sound is high. Loads fast. It takes to drain the battery. I really liked the product. Was it worth the purchase.
    It was worth buying.
    Good and cheap. Ensures fun. Finishing good, good quality, good sound, finally, the price was worth every penny.
  • Speaker review

    posted by User3836

    Speaker works well and supports MP3, and WAV files but not WMA. Has nice light underneath speaker. The antenna works great for radio. Sounds nice as well. Also this speaker supports USB and Sd card. It automatically plays the music once the sd card is in or USB. The aux cable that it came with works well with my iphone but not on my car stereo. Headphones work.
    This speaker works well but you have to figure out how to use it properly. This is what I know so far on how to use it. The mode button is for changing from the USB, SD card, and radio. To use your iphone with this speaker or any other device that has a 3.5mm jack input you have to connect both the charging cable and the usb to the speaker then the 3.5mm jack to the desired device. Otherwise it wont work. To decrease volume you must click and hold until volume decreases. To increase volume you must click and hold until volume increases. Also both the volume buttons are used to go forward and back to your song or when using the radio. (Just click once to go forward or back)The scan buttons scans and is also a pause button. BTW you can have the sd card installed and the usb, and switch between them using the mode button. Sorry if this is long but just want to help everyone that is confused using this device. :)
    Overall this is truly a great product to have. It's pretty tiny too but don't let it's size fool you. This little thing packs a punch!
  • Good device

    posted by PanAcorn

    Nice functions set, pretty sound, small size, mp3 alarm. It has bigger function set that my big philips slim musical center that I used as mp3 alarm clock.
    Many people wrote about scratched screen. I was shocked too. My screen was chratched. But it was just an invisible protective film. I pilled it off and now my screen is ideal. Check your screen! Try to pill off your scratches.
    Good device for every day alarm for me and my children.But I don't know what USB Linein is...

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