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mini usb charge

It's very convenient for you to find the mini usb charge you want at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can also browse mini usb adapter, mini usb port. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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mini usb charge Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by D1RK

    The same color as it shows, works perfectly to charge AND usb data with iPod Shuffle. I tried it today in my computer and it's perfect, I'm using it right now. This item is so expensive in shops and I had no doubts when I saw it here that I should get it right of way.
    Get it. Cheap AND useful. It's as it was promised and by that price I should've gotten a couple of them just in case I lost the first one.
  • Works great

    posted by MaFasseur

    Iam using it for my duracell portable charger for my phone and does it really good. it does not feel fragile or anything. The price is really nice so its a really good deal.I dont see any difference between the originalcable from my charger and this cable. But the original cable uses a microusb to usb converter which is pretty annoying.I need the micro usb for my phone and the mini usb to charge the charger. .
    The price is good and it works fine
    It's a really good deal and if you also own a portable charger this cable is really a must have because you do not have the worry about the extra "original" converter
  • Power comes in small packages!

    posted by Tannverk

    After I got the package, looking down upon this really tiny car, I was not expecting much. You normally get what you pay…. It was fully charged upon arrival, so I was able to try it out immediately. It responded well and after tweaking it a bit, I was able to make it go straight. It did thought not go very fast, but the controller had a multitude of buttons which perhaps could influence the speed of the car. After checking the manual, it seemed I could make it go faster if I pressed one specific button, which I of course did. Wow, I must say I was impressed by how fast it went, so fast it required a bit more space than my living room. My son (5 years) and I tried it out on an empty parking lot, and now I could really see the actual speed of this small car. The manual states that it can reach a speed of 30 km/h, which I think is true!!! My son, being five years old, gave it a good beating, but the car could take it, hands down. Recommend this purchase. Pure fun!
    Great car, great buy!
  • Cheap cable

    posted by takeru1

    You can used this cable the same as original one. Very cheap, works well. just right length, easy to handle. build quality is not so bad.
    I will disassemble and solder to fix this. It seems that I can open this up easily.
    You may need to take good care of this while you use. or buy extra one. no complain for this price.
  • could be more useful

    posted by olqminn

    - long enough (70 cm length)- won't break up so easily- black colour
    it's useful for recharging cell phones, playstation 3 joypads and so on. but if you have to count on transferring data, i won't recommend you this cable
    i don't advise you buying this cable. there should be much more suitable for the same price or little bit higher

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