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These cool mini universal tv are high quality and at affordable prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

mini universal tv Customers Reviews

  • 't works

    posted by intercitty

    Awesomely cheap, especially since it includes shipping. Also comes with a battery. Very easy to use. And especially fun in sports bars, to change channels on Tv's :D Very stealth, but you have to be cautious of your body language because for some reason it is very obvious what you are doing .
    Great product, but needs to be updated to work on the newest Tv's
  • You need this, folks!

    posted by Eeek5127

    Here is my pros haiku. This is how I am doing my reviews:Oh, little remoteOn my keys I take you outOff goes that TV.

    Great build, battery included, easy programming, what more could you want? My led on it is very good. It is pretty bright and I'll use it to find the keyhole in my door. Plus, I want to screw with people. Why else get this?
    I have ordered from dx many times. This item is what brought me here. Some guys on a forum talked about where to get one and it took me here. I never thought about getting it, and now that I have, I am very happy.
    This is great stuff, guys. You can't beat the price and it is very usful. Remember, it only controls the tv- not a cable box or a vcr. If you can live with that- get it. Get it! Thanks, Deal Extreme!
  • Great product

    posted by Tyler_Pollen

    It works on all model of TVs with that I tried it, and it remains configured even without battery. It comes with a watch battery included.
    With some model of TVs, some buttons don't do their correct function (with a WhiteWestingHouse TV, Volume buttons change brightness instead of volume).
    It is very useful if you have tendency to lose remotes, and you didn't lose keys that you attach it to them. Relation price/quality is pretty good.

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