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  • It works!

    posted by DK_z92

    It worked on my Phillips TV.Small and Handy - with a keychain
    Overall I think it will do its purpose.. turning off TV's in big stores. :-) tee hee
    great purchase, it took quite a lot of days for it to arrive though. This was due to the customs opening it though. That added an extra 5 days compared to my other package - they were both sent the same day...The customs didnt do anything, by the way. They only put a sticker on the package saying 'checked for control+toll" :-)
  • My best buy here

    posted by juliojuliojulio

    Amazing you can control many TVs with this! (include the ones in shops :D)This was accepted for many devices include the olders like 10 years or more (who knows?).The size is good and works for me!
    You will control basic funtions of many TVs for a good price, here you will need to pay like 30 U$$ for a universal controls and you will need to program the code, for basic use this is the best you nedd to press a key and wait, and will be done you can use for your old TV, i think this accept all regonized marks include the closed ones!
    Buy two or more i think a parent or friend will ask for one, and don`t be cheap, is a good buy!
  • 't works

    posted by intercitty

    Awesomely cheap, especially since it includes shipping. Also comes with a battery. Very easy to use. And especially fun in sports bars, to change channels on Tv's :D Very stealth, but you have to be cautious of your body language because for some reason it is very obvious what you are doing .
    Great product, but needs to be updated to work on the newest Tv's
  • I recomend !

    posted by andrestuart

    Very small item.
    Do every thing that says in the anounce !
    I search for this product in many websites and I just found in Brazilian site for more than U$ 200,00 ...Thats absurd !
    I recomend !
    I search for this product in many websites and I just found in Brazilian site for more than U$ 200,00 ...Thats absurd !
    I recomend DX !


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