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Check out the great mini tv digital to see if there is any that suits you. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Browse the products from digital tv dongle, or some other related Pages like digital tv hdmi. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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mini tv digital Customers Reviews

  • Tv on pc

    posted by Jantjebravo

    Handy to watch tv on your notebook or pc, I use for the room I rent. Does receive and decode the signaals good, don't have many problems watching tv. Included software is great and easy to use, it does have a record function. The antenne has a magneet. Maybe you can use it in your car, if you put the antenne on top. Didn't try it, but I think it would work. Searches the station itself and remember them. Second time you just 'zap'.
    Great thing to watch TV, not all stations are in the air in europe. For students who rent a room somewhere this is a good thing to have some TV there.
    Buy it if you need a little bit of TV anywhere. It works great, but it also depends on the TV/radio signals in your town.
  • Works well, quality could be better.

    posted by erangre

    Works great. The antenna is small but works well if there is sufficient coverage in your area.The software is fine. It takes just a few minutes to search the entire broadcast range so you don't even need to know the range of the transmission.Very small, so easy to take with you when you travel.
    It is well worth the money, so if you don't have a TV, or want to be able to watch TV on your computer it is a good option.Also good for people who want to watch TV on the go.
  • Watch DVB-T under linux.

    posted by Andrevs

    Works perfectly with Linux.
    Kernel Module: dvb_usb_it913xNeed to install firmware dvb-usb-it9135 before use (For ArchLinux users: it is in the AUR repository)After installing kernel module, it shows up in tvheadend, adding frequencies for my country (the Netherlands) and scanning finds all the channels.I do not own a digitenne smartcard so I can only receive public and regional channels, but I have satellite tv for commercial channels anyways.
    Fine DVB-T receiver for use with Linux
  • Great as an SDR

    posted by Fiachra93

    Bought this so I could use it as a Software Defined Radio (SDR). It uses the RTL2832U + R820T chipset which means it's compatible with the RTL-SDR Project. Was very easy to set up as an SDR and works very well. Works in SDR#.Have used it successfully for ADS-B reception, very good range, even with a small indoor aerial.Uses a standard aerial connection, unlike some of the cheaper ones with a miniature version that would require an adapter. Good range of 24 – 1766 MHz, that can apparently be extended with a simple hardware modification.
    Have not tried with the included drivers and software so can't comment on that but I don't see why it wouldn't work.Included aerial fine for FM radio, but not suitable for TV etc., but it wasn't designed to be anyway.
    Great if you want a decent and cheap SDR/USB TV Tuner. Would definitely recommend.
  • Nice item for SDR

    posted by RusConSPb

    Everything as advertised. This item work perfectly as SDR radio dongle or ADS-B receiver with Flightradar24 service and others. Search for "SDRsharp" for more infoRecognized and working with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 (64bit).Good build quality, device has USB cover for storage protection.
    Device work as DVB-T tuner too.
    Highly recommend it to all SDR or ADS-B enthusiasts.


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