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  • I'm happy! ^^"

    posted by Kelomancer

    They came "normal" packed, not bad but could be better... They are soft and nice, and squishy. The build its pretty decent, they seem to be durable. They came with two keychain, one with a sucker (to stick it to something) and the other without it (to use more like a keychain).
    My girlfriend was happy with them xD.
    I recommend it if you're looking for a cheap and nice gift :).
  • MINI boat

    posted by Diammond

    Great Little Boat!Easy to use.Very small so if you don't have much space to store it, it doesn't need much!Very basic controls so good for children.
    For under $20 it is good for a child. But still costly compared to other items on DX for it's simplicity.
    If you want a cheap gift for a child, this is very easy to use. And will run out of power before the child gets bored of it.
  • Beautiful piece in a collection Mini Musical Instr

    posted by 271049

    Beautiful guitar, perfect form of the original, perfectly executed fingerboard, brass frets, color and the lacquered surface. Very nice.
    Sound reproduced songs is bad, low quality but this is not essential. It is important to look and it is perfect. Beautiful decoration. That's my implementation of a real guitar, I play on. We put them side by side, it will be like mom and baby-perfect, beautiful!
    Because the packing of DX is weak, the guitar was a bit threadbare transportation and a tensioner pin has been broken. I repaired it and it's OK
  • Fun toys!

    posted by antonlive

    These finger puppets are easy to use by children: they are easy and fun to wear and play with. I like their funny faces, and so much does my 9 year old cousin. These toys allow him to develop his creative spirit, and the whole family supports this new hobby. We also try to make him think about what's right and what's wrong while he acts up situations and stories with these funny characters.
    A great hobby for small kids!
    My little cousin loved these toys! He enjoys thinking up stories involving these characters and shows us home-made performances using these finger puppets. These puppets a good way to introduce children to theatre and acting.
  • Great! I was positively surprised!

    posted by ZanuttoVV

    Very well build, great material, really fun and great painting. Also it is lot cheaper than other ones i've found with lower quality.
    Buy as a gift, to decorate your TV room etc. It gets attention from everyone, even those that never watched South Park! The company should develope another expression faces for Cartman, Kenny etc! I would buy them all! :)
    Just buy it! You'll love it! Very well built and painted.

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