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mini tester Customers Reviews

  • Very handy little battery tester

    posted by ricsi

    small, can be used with AA/AAA/9v batteries and button cellsworks to identify the approximate amount of load left in the battery.
    It sure is not an advanced measuring tool, but it gives a good indication of if a battery is dead or needs recharge.Also AFTER the recharge you can check if the rechargable battery is still OK.
    Works as advertised, and is a good way to identify dead batteries.
  • Nice to have

    posted by terveer

    Its a small tool. About the size of a cigarette boxI allways carry it with me in my backpack.The tool actually consists of a base unit and a small remote unit that you can slide of it.The quality of the cable connectors is really good.
    The main unit allways counts from 1 to 8:When measuring RJ11 cables only 2-6 light up.When measuring cross-cables the remote unit lights up crossed.
    A nice tool to have around when you occasionly have to test cables.
  • Classic diagnostic tool now for laptops!

    posted by nmitenkov

    - device can work with THREE interfaces - it's LPC, mini-PCI and mini-PCIe, so you can test any laptop from newest models to vintage ones =)- it understands both AMI and AWARD, phoenix bios not tested yet- now you dont need a solder station to get classic POSTer for your laptop, it's great- price is outstanding!
    you need to test a laptop? buy this device for first.

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