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Every single mini servo displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

mini servo Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, app. 25 steps per direction, good gears

    posted by Techish

    Compared to the 5gm tower pro servos from hobby king, these are much smaller, but with better gears They would weigh close to 3.7g without the servo lead...
    No buzzing or gittering.
    ....At first i thought they might be just too imprecise to use, as the centering was low res.
    Then I bumped up the rates to 150% travel, this made the servo have "normal" travel, and greatly improved centering. like this they are not bad, but not precision seros either.
    The electronics let them down a little. Swapping in the board from a 5g t.p servo ex hobby king might make for a very good servo that would be on par with my cirrus servos.
  • Fast, fairly precise, ideal for low torque apps.

    posted by Parrotile

    These are OH SO CHEAP!! I was expecting problems, but they seem to run just fine! REALLY good for high speed, low torque, high precision purposes - e.g. throttle control. Come with a good range of Acetal horns, and will take most after market Servo horn sets.
    As usual the TowerPro brand seems to attract all the bad RC reviews, but in practice these are really quite OK servos, and for the price you can afford to have a few spares in the field box. Ideal as primary control servos in the smaller planes (part fliers), or as throttle servos in the bigger ones.
    Provided you are prepared to check and maybe adjust / modify / lubricate before use (and it you fly RC you should be doing this no matter whose servos you use!) these will provide the performance required, for LIGHT to MEDIUM torque applications. A definite GOOD BUY!
  • Nice Little Servo

    posted by bluestreak101

    This is a reasonable little servo. I got mine for a small project im working on and have no trouble with it. Does what I need.
    Would be great if it was even cheaper!
    Perfect for small projects or playing with small RC planes it appears to be reasonable well made although I doubt it would be good for those elite models. I am considering getting more of the same but if I can find cheaper I could be swayed
  • Good

    posted by DonQuijote

    Very nice small and compact servo with great power for the size
    comes with various end actuator shapes (cross, double lever)
    has mounting brackets for one screw on each side
    Still good bang for the buck. Great product from Dealextreme, if your project does not need very high accuracy, and most DIY projects don't.
    Thank you Dealextreme for providing such a great product
  • Good servos

    posted by SponsBob

    These are very good servos. They come with many horns so there is always one right for you! The servos are usable in many ways. I also like the color, blue is nicer than black.
    if you need a small servo for your experiments this one is good. I modified two of them for continuous rotation, they work like a charm!
    I have used lots of these in my experiments and I am satisfied with them; The more you use them the cheaper they get, it is good value for money.


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