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  • awesome for travelers

    posted by TurkeySandwhich

    Looks like an Apple Power Adapter and not a router.Easy to hide at work.Quick and easy setup.Changeable plugs similar to Apple adapter design.Aux USB port for charging cell phones or other devices.
    I mainly got this so that when I visit relatives who don't know their wifi password or go to places with only plugin Ethernet I can simply plug it in and have wifi access. Please note I did not test this device at hotels that require a website to be visited with terms prior to being connected. Perhaps this may work with access point mode.
    Good for portable uses but I wouldn't use it for my home.
  • USB 2.0 wifi router

    posted by johamemo

    Simple and very easy to use. Its very simple to set and put to work. The range is about 10m. (Simples e muito fácil de usar. É muito simples de configurar e colocar para trabalhar. O alcance é cerca de 10m. ) I set it up to work with Claro´s modem 3G. (Eu o configurei para trabalhar com o modem 3G da Claro)
    I recomend everybody have one because you never know when it will be useful. (Eu recomendo que todo mundo tem um, porque você nunca sabe quando ele vai ser útil.)
    It´s not expansive if compared with the benefits it have. (Não é caro se comparado com os benefícios que ela tem.)
  • Good product

    posted by palces

    Really easy for use.Just fonfigure 3G network "number for call", and APN. Page of product and compatibility with USB 3G modems:
    In namual is list of supported networks (most in CN), but it is working for other countries without problems.I am using it in Slovakia with O2 network.ON SIM cart I recomended remove PIN.
    If you need cheep devide, i recomended it. You can use adapetr for iphone, in dx.com it is cheep, you can bought it and it is forking with it in EU countries. Original adapter is US!
  • "Great device"

    posted by woody1970

    Cheap. Fast enough. Small in sizeI use it as AP to connect phone and laptop to internet.It is small in size but great in performance (150Mbps)Delivered in good condition. It was packed in a strong carton box.
    The transmitting range is not large.
    Great to make a fast wireless connection to your network / internet.Small in size, great in performance.
  • Fantastic Product

    posted by carlos.www

    Versatile device with many useful functions.Perfect for trips and to give your arduino a cheap wireless interface.Even more powerful with openwrt.Very well built and packed.It can work as a little repeater.Can be greatly modded.
    Mine came with "v1.6" firmware printed on the label, but inside (in the webgui) it wasn´t.It was Built 121204, Release: 3.14.4 - Chinese.I loaded the following firmware:openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-factory.binFrom this site:http://downloads.openwrt.org/attitude_adjustment/12.09/ar71xx/generic/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-factory.binIt took a while to start loading, but once it did, it was a really easy procedure, and the new webgui (LuCi) appeared without further configuring.I´m not responsible if you brick your device. Do a little resarch first. Watch out for the build version.It´s a good idea to buy the serial adaptor in case you brick your device.
    Buy it!


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