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  • Best mini helicopter

    posted by ex3m0

    - indestructible- very precise movements- very powerful in moving up and down (too much)
    I've tried many and this is the only one who has never broken despite frequent falls.I can go under doors, tables and chairs, landed anywhere I want without problems.
    I recommend buying it beginners to experts, because it is simple and precise and indestructible
  • Good 2dto 3D for this price

    posted by vahidsa

    It converts to 3D from almost any source. i have tried it with DVD player, set top for cable tv from Cmore it worked with both of them Very Easy to use, you don't need to be an expert to use it on daily basis. i Love it on Samsung lcd with active shutter glasses. You get the good image quality when you convert 2Dto 3D for view on 3d TV. I tried it for 3D view on Pc monitor. The quality was not good.
    Nothing i csn think of
    Very good for converting 2D programs for watching on 3D tv. Price is very low. The same engine comes in new 3D tvs but the prices are too high.
  • Great remote

    posted by Sunsqueaker

    Excellent for sports and action photography.No fancy-schmancy stuff. Does the job. Cable can probably be replaced to fit other cameras.A steal, especially if you can't afford a PocketWiz
    All in all, perfect for remote usage. Of course, it's not a PocketWiz, but for this price it's a killer product. If you need a remote for your camera, BUY THIS!Confirmed working on the D90.
  • Nice product

    posted by Ajay07

    Nice module, with a good price. Nice design with red LED display. The simple minimalistic design is a pro for me.
    Nice product for your project
  • Nice DVR

    posted by gneijsel

    Nice DVR, well built, easy to use.Good picture quality! High resolution (900x350?). I could even read the subtitles with my HD media player attached as video source.It charges via USB, but it even comes with an external charger (110-240V). It's not suitable for european wall outlets (it has flat pins), but if you have an adapter from another charger like i did, it works.Didn't test the battery yet, so i don't know if it will last for serveral hours.
    If you want to order an extra battery with it, use SKU06302. I've tested it. It fits, it works.I use it as an external display for an underwater video housing. It would be nice if the software would allow to switch off the date/time in the upper right corner.
    Good price/quality balance

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