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On this page, you can find a wide selection of mini remote keyboard. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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mini remote keyboard Customers Reviews

  • Great for my Android TV Box

    posted by Texmind

    - the rechargeable battery works several hours- the fly mouse function is very accurate - the function keys are very usefull- the IR learn function helps to replace a couple of remotes
    It works really grate for my Android TV Box connected to my Samsung (smart now) TV!!The function keys allow me to manage most important function when reproducing media. The IR identification and recording function is great! I integrate my TV and TV Box remote controllers this one.
    For the low price it's a very good purchase!!!!
  • Wan N - A very important use when required.

    posted by irwannasit

    Here are the plus point of this item.1) Backlit keyboard.2) Full keyboard functionality.3) Vertical or Horizontal use of mouse pad.4) Laser pointer.5) IR 2 set for remote control matching.6) Lithium Ion battery. 4BL (nokia sized similar)7) FN functions similar to laptop keyboard.8) Good with Android, Linux and Windows OS. Especially smart TVs. 9) Touch pad similar to laptop functionality.10) Plug and play keyboard for ease of use across most platforms.
    Useful for Educators, Trainers, Teachers, Presentation givers.
    A must for me. Would be useful for you. Wan N verified.
  • Perfect in every way!

    posted by danh9341

    My laptop (connected to a projector) Instantly recognised the dongle and works beautifully as a wii style remote control for the laptop/projected screen.I effortlessly programmed the LG smart tv, Denon audio amp, DVD player, projector, DVR, Remote LED colour lights (highly recommend remote lighting too) the air conditioner. It's disturbingly fast & simple to setup!-user friendly English instruction manual.-instructions say 99.9% compatibility. -easy to change the setting if you make mistakes or update tech.-Remote charges off USB, no more batteries!
    Note: the buttons on each "8 remotes" can be from multiple hardware. i.e. My volume buttons for the xbox, DVD, DVR and audio all control my amps volume..I use the 'SAT' setting as a master control for all devices: projector on, lights colour change, amp volume, tv channel change, TV guide etc. etc.As a side note: you could easily control more than 8 devices as long as some devices share banks. A channel for lights, air con you could also add Apple TV controls, radio presets all in the one bank.I used the coloured buttons for the air conditioner; green/on, red/hotter, blue/colder, yellow/off.
    Xbox controllers don't use RF so take your Rii to a mates place then duplicate their xbox RF remote and/or use the dongle in the Xbox ;)So far my high hopes have been surpassed!!
  • This product is great

    posted by simonxy

    Size is optimal.Ease of use.Energy efficiency - you must charge it about once a month for average usage.Keys can be lightened for night use.Typing can be fast enough.
    It exceed all my expectations. Small but still good for typing. Connection works fine at 5m distance.I recharge it once a month - i use it only at evenings.On the other size of keyboard you can program additional buttons for other appliances(TV, radio,..)
    I would buy this product again. Good quality and a lot of functionality for reasonable price.It fulfill all expectations.
  • a must-have companion for HTPC

    posted by NeSBCN

    - The device can control both the PC *and* also TV plus one additional device, provided they can be operated with an IR remote: the Rii learns the commands and can succesfully operate a TV, a receiver, ..
    - The device is small and light
    - it has a nice design
    - it has Function buttons (F1,F2,...)
    - the mini-trackpad is very responsive
    - it has a backlight on all the keys
    - the operating range is acceptable (can get several meters, even within cabinet)
    This keyboard is not Bluetooth, keep that in mind because you will always need the provided RF 2.4GHz receiver.
    If you need a keyboard+mouse for your HTPC, this is undoubtedly one of the best devices available.

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