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mini rc cars Customers Reviews

  • Amazing toy :D

    posted by SoundreameR

    Amazingly small toy. I bought all 4 models for my office colleges and they are simply great! So small and so powerful, not too fast, but quite maneuvering. Charges fast and easy, bot wasting too much batteries. Perfect for office fun. Durable, we jump them from bookshelfs and desks and they simply fall and continue running across the room. Affective front and back lights, powering on on movement.
    Maybe the car dock could be a bit changed, its not very easy for a newbie to find the way to undock the toy from the remote.
    Tiny car, big fun :)
  • Neat little car

    posted by Zhooibaal

    Looks coolEasy to controlQuick to chargeEasy to trimCool lightsFairly quick for it's size
    The build quality of the car seems allright, especially for it's price, but the build quality of the transmitter is pretty bad. But I guess that when it's handled to right way, it will last it's time.
    Driving this little car around is good fun and it's cool looking on top of that. It's slightly larger than I initially expected, but it's small enough to drive around a realy tight room.
  • Good toy!

    posted by whbarb

    It is a great toy! It really works fine, quality of building is fine. There are no any defects. My child have played the car for a month without any problems. There is a cool plastic box with a transparent cover, so you can keep the car easy.
    So I guees it is a good toy and if you find the price reasonable you probably have to buy it.
  • Great value for money

    posted by taneli

    I got this car about week ago and I really love it. It has very short charging time and quite long driving time. It runs well over hairy carpet and other obstacles.
    This has really good value for money. I've been chasing my cats around the aparment with it. It would be really great to have another one with different frequency.
  • Solid bundle of fun!

    posted by GeekfromNorway

    This thing seems to be able to take a beating, which is good as I have trouble avoiding table legs and walls. ;-)
    The wheels are solid plastic with a very thin rubber tire. Seems more as if to give the impression of rubber tires than to give traction as they spin easily on laquered hardwood floors. (Gives good grip on carpets, though)
    Recharge takes about 5minutes, and gives nearly 10 minutes of fun.
    Run it forwards, then quickly throw it into reverse and watch it spin on smooth floors. Even better, this thing takes 'handbrake turns' without a handbrake ;-)
    The front lights activating while driving forwards is nice, even if it results in shorter driving time(the 'nearly 10 minutes' is when driving almost as much in reverse as forwards)
    I probably need to try filming it as it skids around the floor... Or stick on my mini camand take it for a spin...
    End score?
    I know of a nephew who will love this. As long as his daddy(my brother) doesn't monopolize it...

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