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  • Cheap and working

    posted by kbutcher5

    It seems to work as a breadboard shouldIt makes for really easy prototypingHas double sided tape on the back, so you can stick it to a proto boardIt is very small and compact
    The reason for the very small and compact, is because it is about 5x3cm big, which comes in handy if you need to save space, but not so much if you have big hands.
    It seems to do what it is supposed to, I have been prototyping with it for an hour or two and it has worked fine so far.
  • mini breadboard really very nice and useful

    posted by c0d3r

    is a good quality and usefull for work with a little projects. I am working with this breadboard together with my arduino uno and work like a charm. it have number in the row and letter in the column for put any connecto in the right site.
    maybe is a little breadboard if you are thinking to work with big project many sensors but if your project are little is your option.
    good quality and low cost breadboard to work with arduino and any other other electronic project
  • cool little breadboard

    posted by defjam

    cool little breadboard. resorted to buying it here since i cant find it locally where i am. i am satisfied with this purchase.
    i bought this mini breadboard because i needed to add breadboard to my repertoire of supplies for circuit building. i dont regret this purchase at all. this is great for small circuits so you dont have to break out the big one and waste it on a tiny circuit.
    cant really complain about the price of this mini breadboard. i couldve saved money buying the multipack here, but i only bought this one. but im am happy with it since it does what its supposed to
  • Arduino nano sized.

    posted by Redsnertz

    These boards are an excellent size for an Arduino Nano. I don't have an Arduino Pro yet but that would also fit well, I'm sure. Given the width of the Nano you have 5 pins available after plugging it in; 1 on one side and 4 on the other, or 2 on one side and 3 on the other. I'm putting a pair of HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors on one and mounting it on the roof of an RC truck as side sensors, and the Nano will be on another inside the body; together with the front HC-SR04, I should be able to get it navigating pretty well, and the breadboards are small enough I don't have to do body mods.
    What would fit even better than a Pro or Nano is to make it into a Boarduino. These are a perfect size for that.
    Buy 'em; they're like potato chips, you can always use more.

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