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  • Quite precise, though a bin clumsy

    posted by catarrh

    Precision is good, maybe not 0.001, but you can really trust it p to 0.01Controls are good, quite intuitiveTurns on after holding "ON" for 2 sec, nice feature
    Scales pad is too small to use without a pan, and pan could be better quality.Would be good to supply it with useful case, as pouch is too small and original box is not very convenient for everyday use.
    Let alone the quality issues, scales are quite precise and practically useful
  • Bass Mini 0.5mm Resolution Precision Stainless

    posted by Dibari

    It is 20cm, not 15cm like in the title. Very good tool for my hobby like first for markings on hard and semi hard materials. I also use it for cuting straight lines on paper and cardboard but i order the wrong one :) , so I will order few more, longer ones offcurse, but this one is ideal for smaller things. Very precision and it have scales in cm & inch.
    Good tool for a little money, very nice for every day use in DIY projects or even professional use.
    Very precision and it have scales in cm & inch.
  • So cute and tiny!

    posted by Telefina

    Really really small so perfect if you need portability. Has a place you can attach a lanyard, which is convenient but also a bad idea: scales can get uncalibrated if they bang around too much.
    The case is solid, protects the platform and buttons, and then it has another pleather case to go around that. So it's pretty well protected
    Most 0.01g scales go for around $50-100 when you buy them in a head shop, so this is definitely a great bargain. Wouldn't want to trust it if you really needed to know your weight down to the 0.01g, but it's useful if you just need a ballpark. You might be able to calibrate it, I didn't spend much time figuring out how. You would need a calibration weight (not included) and they're usually 150g, which won't work since this is max capacity 100g.
  • perfect scale for the price

    posted by so3hn

    -perfect size, almost like a deck of cards.-does exactly what it is suppose to do.-very good priced. main reason i got this with no regrets.
    after it stopped going backwards i put weights on it and found it .05g off. which is barely anything. overall its great product.
    i use it for jewelry since i also bought the magnifying scope to get precise readings.i also use it in the kitchen for dry cup measurements.
  • Very Solid, Accurate Unit

    posted by sarcastech

    The scale is very compact in overall size but is huge in features while still being very easy to use with large buttons and a backlit LCD window that is extremely easy to read.
    The scale has many modes including grams, ounces, carats and grains which makes this scale good for reloading ammunition and is accurate to the tenth of a grain.
    Weighing platform is well designed with a circular depression in the middle to make items placed on the platform congregate at the center, and to hold the small weighing pan that comes with the scale. This pan is useful for weighing powders and bullets on.
    There is a removable cover for over the weighing platform allowing for storage of the pan as well as protecting the load sensor from damage.
    The scale uses AAA batteries which is very nice as they last for a long time and are easy to replace. I have owend scales that were powered by 2032CR flat silver batteries but found the battery life to be very poor and the batteries more costly than AAA's.
    The overall fit and finish on the scale is very good to excellent. The housing of the scale is well made and the weighing platform and dish are stainless steel with a quality lcd screen that is easy to read.
    The carrying case for the scale is a nice accessory too, as it is padded which gives an added layer of protection to your scale when in transit or not in use.
    The instruction manual does have an english translation and the calibration instructions are clear and easy to follow.
    A durable, well made product that measures accurately and is small in size. A good addition for anyone needing to weigh out powders, gems, chemicals or coins and such and such a good price too. It is at least $20-$30 cheaper than a similar scale locally.


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