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mini portable Customers Reviews

  • Works really well, cuts perfectly

    posted by SarCarstic

    The blade is really sharp and cuts tablets perfectly through, it does not crush or otherwise damage them. One of the tablets I have to halve is very hard to cut normally, this does it perfectly
    The storage area is quite handy as well, I can cut a tablet to have the morning half, and just leave the other half in the storage section of the cutter til evening
    Works a treat, if you have to halve medication this is a must - it cuts so perfectly that you can get tablets exactly in half, instead of like I used to, trying to cut them with a knife and ending up with uneven tablets
  • mediocre quality, but worth the price

    posted by liewwh

    easy to use, better looking that others product.comes with a battery & string to hang over your neck.
    the LED light can be stronger.box and manual are in japanese, but made in china... what does that mean anyway?
    good for an alerting device, not much for physical protection.better to buy together with their pepper spray.better still, maybe they can package it as a set
  • Great for self pics

    posted by vmastache

    Great for self pictures!! Just twist, extend and twist in the oposite direction. Perfect for people who travel alone, parties, or any other situation when you want a self portrait. You can even screw another one in the bottom, or maybe you can attach it to a tripod and install your camera taller. Very light weight and fits in a pocket. Comes with a strap for your hand.
    A longer version will be amazing, maybe with one or two other sections. But as I said before, you can attach another one in the bottom. Not sure hoy many of this you can attach together before it bends.
    It's not the must-have accessory for the photography aficionado, but for casual pics at home or with friends it will do the job.
  • Loved everything

    posted by Drugshond

    Small, fantastic product. Must have on a vacation (or at work). The quality of sound and loudness from a single speaker is simply outstanding. No distortion at max playing level. Build quality is perfect. The inner battery power is pretty/damn good (4,5 hrs at max Vol level). Used this product for 1++ years (no flaws at all).
    A perfect small cube (for a gift or present). Mine will be ending up in Polen soon (as a gift). Thinking of a re-buy.
    A true gem. Nothing to complain.
  • Achiever's tiny!

    posted by 1Alamo

    Despite its size, very easy to open with one hand, good broadleaf has an edge well, is the insurance that is effective, preventing accidental closure, comfortable to add to a keychain. -
    It seems to be sturdy and comfortable to use, fully complies with what I expected from the description and the cost, I'm very pleased with the purchase. -
    It is pleasing to the eye for detail of wood, comfortable to wear, in a pocket and attached to a belt clip for the broad available for this purpose, of course I highly recommend it. -

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