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mini pocket Customers Reviews

  • jaaphooi

    posted by jaaphooi

    it's a good scope for simple things for a quick measuring of some signals,you got a good overall view of all settings and it's very compact (my phone is bigger)
    Nice to have with you (in my case)It's a good tool to use in som situations to see if there are disruptions in a bus line or a circuit,it is fast enough to see that.
    Worth the moneyLook's good work's fine ,compact and good display batery time is also good and charge on usb (laptop).
  • Really good pocket osciloscope

    posted by kamikazegtx

    Great open source osciloscope. It works great even without calibrate it. Comes with last version of firmware and app. Comes ready to use (after giving a full charge to the battery of course). Very usefull portable device. Great sample rate.
    Very well made device. Probes are not so good compensated, but you can made an adaptor and use regular ones (BNC). It says comes with one probe, but came with the digital one too (not in description but it's on pics).
    Great device. I recomend it. Good buy.
  • Pocket Knife

    posted by richard.bernards

    - Cheap- Tough- Sturdy metal used- Nice design- rugged feel to it
    The knife is very rigid. When you try to open all the different tools, they can be hard to pry open. The knife is not that sharp.Thing is, the metal used is very sturdy, so it is not likely to bend or disform. I sanded the knife and poored some oil into it, and now the knife is working better than ever! For this price, I can afford it!
    It's a cheap knife, but the knife is not that sharp. I have fixed this myself... But hey, for this price I can't be bothered about that!
  • Good for the price!

    posted by KaMiHaZe

    Cheap.Small (A little bigger than a Zippo lighter)Accurate (if you know how to use it)Light and portable.
    The main problem with this scale is the start-up phase. For accurate readings, the scale requires around a minute after turning it on for accurate and stable readings. Although this is not a problem unless you don't have time for it. One way to bypass the inaccuracy early after turning it on, is simply to click the power button once and putting your weighable item on the scale. The reading you get after 1-2 seconds is often accurate, but after that, the numbers change.
    Very useful considering the price, and when you get to know it, the start-up time is not really a problem.If you are on a budget and looking for a scale, i would recommend this one.
  • Good enough for the price.

    posted by Stebay88

    Well, you get 5 little switch blades for such a cheap price. Handy for cutting wires and other small things. The blade is fairly sharp.
    I gave a few away as small trinket gifts to friends and they seemed to like them somewhat.
    You get what you pay for. Although they are cheap looking and not made to the highest of standards, they do little jobs, such as the ones mentioned above, just fine. Maybe best suited for a toolbox wire cutter.

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