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mini pliers Customers Reviews

  • Very nice pliers

    posted by CrasherFox

    These pliers have quite nice skin (maybe could be just a little bit thicker) that gives you nice grip and very convenient spring.Also they seem to be made of decent metal, not too soft. Very nice finish too (they look exactly like at the picture).
    I'm definitely thinking of ordering more tools from this series (though right now there are additionally only Cutting Pliers SKU#121992 (http://www.dx.com/p/wire-side-cutter-diagonal-cutting-pliers-121992?rt=1&p=2&m=2&r=3&k=1&t=1&s=124336&u=121992) available).
    Recommended if you need small pliers for smaller bendind tasks or making loops for screws to wire terminals.
  • Good enough for the job.

    posted by fletch44

    These pliers are your basic bent-nose pliers, and they work well to remove little screws or other things that may have fallen in hard to reach places in your computer case, or other fiddly places.The price is pretty good for this kind of tool.
    They're pretty much how I expected them to be.
    Not a bad deal considering the price.
  • Decent quality pliers for fine work

    posted by pipatron

    Good mating for the tips. Nice handle, good size for my hands, and a good rubber handle. I like the colours, they look somewhat professional.
    Nothing comes to mind. I'm not sure I would want to use this for anything that requires a lot of force.
    I mostly use it to hold components when soldering, and the angled tip is excellent for this. I'm very happy with the purchase.
  • Good value

    posted by heheha

    It's not serrated so it won't scratch any surface (of course, you will lose gripping power, but this is not what it's designed for).
    Long nose pilers is always good for fixing electronics. I use it to unscrew parts in flashlights, just like using a lens wrench (http://tinyurl.com/4gfptx). And well, I need to write a little bit more to fulfill the 500 characters limit :S Come on I need to type a couple more words...omg still not enough, need couple more
  • Great idea

    posted by sincero

    What can I say more, the design is very interesting. I also bought the one with spanner shape for my partner. It obviously will attract attention because of the design.
    It also works as real plier and made of metal.
    Product with unique design came from a great idea. Apart from a key chain, you can really use it for plier, although I can't really think of on what occasion you will need to use this mini plier

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