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mini pc usb pc Customers Reviews

  • Wireless Lock

    posted by smenal

    This device has a nice buid quality. The mini-cd contained in the package have a software called RF PC Lock v1.32 and a manual, both in good english, very easy to install and set up. Again good battery life.
    The locking process is done by the software included on CD and not by the means of Windows system (CTRL+ALT+DELETE -> Lock Computer). If you are on a domain it seems that you do not have to unlock with your credentials(the workstation actually never locks up, so when you are in range, just sit and work !)
    This one is good @work if you always forget to lock your workstation. Nice little gadget to buy!
  • perfect for protecting your computer

    posted by bouwman8171

    works as it says.Protecting your computer with just a fingerprint.10 fingers to use.No light to see when scanning your finger. Very good product.Also software upgrade possible.Don't have to type my password when somebody is watching. Just scan your finger.Don't have to remember all those different passwords.
    Thought there were this one and a more expensive one. Works just the same. This one is great.Up to 10 fingers registration. Also possible to put my girlfriends fingerprint in the fingerprint register. So she has access to everything as well without knowing my passwords.Best thing is free software upgrade.Just install the software and everything. Then visit the website from the software. Use google to find it. Then download the new software and install as well. It saves over the old software and you have the newest software.No need to type your password when starting your computer in windows. Just scan your finger and it works.Buy more of these to put them at work and at home on your computer. So that you can have complex passwords.
    I use it at my work.Nice add on for a desktop computer.

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